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Good News for Cakewalk Users

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7 hours ago, CSistine said:

Related to license security Reaper is surely the best alternative. You get your license as a file that you have to add to the installation, completely offline. This means you are able to install Reaper (the versions you have a license for) on any new replacement pc in the future! Also a license includes two major number of updates, that corresponds to several years! If you are not a professional, then the license (life time) is only $60.

In addition Reaper has an immense functionality (almost everything you could wish): ARA2, batch processing, customized plugin folders, customized menus, customized functions, is super efficient, is super solid, custom themes, ..., and almost everything CbB can do (except PC, Arranger, Aim-Assist and Radius stretching).

Thanks for your advice. I´ll try it out.

I´m very sad about my decision, but i want control over the software i´m using, look for example what Adobe is doing now with its subscribers of Photoshop. Things like that are the reason to leave my beloved DAW behind me.

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