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  1. thanks for posting this. i was just on youtube trying to figure out how to set up the Equivocate Match EQ function so that one of my songs can get the EQ off a reference track. if anyone has a project template with this set up . . .
  2. hmm. check to make sure when you activate Ripple Edit tool, the option that says "All" should be chosen. then select the region that you want deleted (also making sure that all tracks are selected), and then try that process i described above again
  3. but make sure to turn off Ripple Edit when you are done doing that (by pushing the Ripple Edit button again to deactivate it), or weird stuff will happen while editing other things
  4. RIPPLE EDIT TOOL. push the Ripple Edit button. select all tracks, but just for the area you want to delete. then in the Edit dropdown, choose "Delete Special" and then check all the boxes, and then delete. it's like magic.
  5. i think you only need to use a bridge if you are using 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit DAW, or vice versa. i quit using 32 bit plugins years ago because of how terribly bridges worked back then. maybe they are still terrible now
  6. as a guitar player with hand & wrist issues, i found that switching to a guitar that has nylon strings allows me to play for a long time. i picked up a used Cordoba C5CE with a pickup in it (for $250) so that i can plug it into all my fx pedals & then into my PC. with the right pedals, you might get pretty close to an approximation of the surf sound.
  7. once you get the swing of Ripple Edit, it is one of the most time-saving features deployed by Cakewalk.
  8. doesn't Cakewalk by Bandlab come with Studio Instruments? that has a virtual drummer with pre-made beats that you can load in (or make up your own beats with it down the road). i don't know for sure, because i use Maschine for 99% of my beatmaking. http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Studio-Instruments/Drums
  9. is "upsample on render" checked? i found a problem with this being checked for Native Instruments delay plugin Replika, an unrelated plugin, but maybe it's worth a shot looking into this
  10. see if that mp3 file is located inside your project audio folder for that song, and delete it if it is there. who knows, that could be it. worth a try
  11. look into your Microsoft UAC settings. this is what may be preventing installation
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