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  1. as it turned out, the person i am collaborating with had the right & left channels on the Hardware Outputs sliders set at different levels. since i never have that visible, it took a while for me to figure out that there was the cause.
  2. i deleted the master bus & created a new one, and thru that process, i was able to fix my problem
  3. is there any other reason this panning issue might happen? i looked at all my tracks and busses, and they are all set to stereo interleave, but when i render to stereo master, the wav file's pan seems really heavy to the right side, even though i have nothing of any bearing to the song panned like that in the tracks and busses.
  4. i remember that the "Go to Start" button on the Transport Module used to rewind to the beginning of a looped region, if there was one, but now that does not happen. that is frustrating me
  5. i used to have this same problem with FL Studio, and i just couldn't take it anymore. i quit using it altogether.
  6. upon further review, looks like that 3 number is outdated. now it's 1 (Bento), but it's contained in a larger pack with other Blocks (Blocks Prime & Blocks Base). i guess NI thought they were giving away too much for free & cut it down. today i have been over at the NI site, taking account of what i own, and what i will be owning twice once i download my new Komplete 12 updates, and have noticed that their Blocks freebies have changed
  7. for awhile, i only had Reaktor 6 Player, but it came with 3 pre-built Blocks modular synths, each with about 20-30 presets that could be tweeked and saved.
  8. i use Blocks ALL THE TIME, and i don't build my own synths, as they come with pre-built ones. i do tweak the presets. also, the full version of Reaktor 6 comes with a bunch more pre-built modular synth Blocks. indispensable.
  9. i have learned the hard way not to trust a .cwb/.bun file as far as i can throw it. they seem to become easily corrupted & unusable
  10. if i didn't already own Melodyne Studio, i would probably make more of a stink about Facebook-Only contests, especially considering Cakewalk, Bandlab & Celemony all have Twitter accounts. it seems that barely a day passes where new news about Facebook's AWFUL practices isn't brought to light. oh well, if people don't care now, they will never care. lol.
  11. i got 2 people to download CbB due to collaborations we are doing. 1 person loves it & the other person hates it (cuz he's ableton)
  12. this would be a useful feature, eh?
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