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  1. is "upsample on render" checked? i found a problem with this being checked for Native Instruments delay plugin Replika, an unrelated plugin, but maybe it's worth a shot looking into this
  2. see if that mp3 file is located inside your project audio folder for that song, and delete it if it is there. who knows, that could be it. worth a try
  3. look into your Microsoft UAC settings. this is what may be preventing installation
  4. isn't this an error that people get if they have mp3 audio located somewhere in the project? i remember this happening years ago
  5. Cakewalk is Windows only
  6. if anything, i would, since i own Melodyne 4 Studio, downgrade to Editor. while the multitrack features are cool, i don't really use them enough to justify having them, and the sound editor is also a bit more than i need (though if that stuff were automate-able, i may feel otherwise). but man, version 5 looks pretty darn hot
  7. i had 2 bundle files become corrupt back in 2008, and that pretty much did it for me with them. i've asked on the forums, several times over the years, if anyone had created an application that would sort through a corrupted bundle file, but alas, the answer has always been "you shouldn't use bundle files"
  8. i like Massive X & those expansions have a lot of good sounds. just make sure your CPU is AVX-compatible first, or else it will not work!
  9. i use it all the time. love it
  10. does it need to be run in MIDI mode in order to be able to use those functions?
  11. i am a fan of NKS (since i use NI Maschine & Komplete Kontrol), but NKS only works for things that have NKS. download NI's free Komplete Kontrol software to get an idea of what NKS is/does, but if you don't own any NKS-plugins already, it will be tough to see what NKS is/does.
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