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  1. wetdentist

    importing wave files from fruityloops drifts from project bpm

    i used to have this same problem with FL Studio, and i just couldn't take it anymore. i quit using it altogether.
  2. wetdentist

    Forum members /home country ?

    Bethlehem, PA USA
  3. wetdentist

    NI REAKTOR Blocks - Thoughts?

    upon further review, looks like that 3 number is outdated. now it's 1 (Bento), but it's contained in a larger pack with other Blocks (Blocks Prime & Blocks Base). i guess NI thought they were giving away too much for free & cut it down. today i have been over at the NI site, taking account of what i own, and what i will be owning twice once i download my new Komplete 12 updates, and have noticed that their Blocks freebies have changed
  4. wetdentist

    NI REAKTOR Blocks - Thoughts?

    for awhile, i only had Reaktor 6 Player, but it came with 3 pre-built Blocks modular synths, each with about 20-30 presets that could be tweeked and saved.
  5. wetdentist

    NI REAKTOR Blocks - Thoughts?

    i use Blocks ALL THE TIME, and i don't build my own synths, as they come with pre-built ones. i do tweak the presets. also, the full version of Reaktor 6 comes with a bunch more pre-built modular synth Blocks. indispensable.
  6. wetdentist

    Cakewalk Bundle files

    i have learned the hard way not to trust a .cwb/.bun file as far as i can throw it. they seem to become easily corrupted & unusable
  7. if i didn't already own Melodyne Studio, i would probably make more of a stink about Facebook-Only contests, especially considering Cakewalk, Bandlab & Celemony all have Twitter accounts. it seems that barely a day passes where new news about Facebook's AWFUL practices isn't brought to light. oh well, if people don't care now, they will never care. lol.
  8. wetdentist

    Are you telling people about CakeWalk by BandLab?

    i got 2 people to download CbB due to collaborations we are doing. 1 person loves it & the other person hates it (cuz he's ableton)
  9. wetdentist

    Feature Request: FREEZE BUS

    this would be a useful feature, eh?
  10. wetdentist

    DAW automation with Native Instruments NKS?

    NKS support for my Maschine MKI & Maschine Jam would be rad
  11. wetdentist

    MenuMagic from AgitatedState

    i've been using it for a long time, and i like it
  12. wetdentist

    How to Disable Start Screen?

    i don't mind the start screen that much, but i do find the positive message attached to it to be almost annoying enough to turn off the start screen
  13. wetdentist

    How Do I Delete the Surround Panner in Tracks?

    thanks that did the trick!
  14. wetdentist

    How Do I Delete the Surround Panner in Tracks?

    for some reason, when i added a new bus & made it my default bus (so that all the guitar i was gonna comp over this section would be connected to my new bus), i didn't realize a surround panner had been added to the newly created guitar tracks. i have never used surround in the 18 years that i've been using Cakewalk, but now i have a surround panner in like 40 tracks. how do i get rid of that? thanks in advance!
  15. wetdentist

    The Great Shutdown - What have we learned?

    i neither had the time nor money to try all the other DAWS & and am very happy that Bandlab picked up Sonar & made it better.