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  1. wetdentist

    Are you telling people about CakeWalk by BandLab?

    i got 2 people to download CbB due to collaborations we are doing. 1 person loves it & the other person hates it (cuz he's ableton)
  2. wetdentist

    Feature Request: FREEZE BUS

    this would be a useful feature, eh?
  3. wetdentist

    DAW automation with Native Instruments NKS?

    NKS support for my Maschine MKI & Maschine Jam would be rad
  4. wetdentist

    MenuMagic from AgitatedState

    i've been using it for a long time, and i like it
  5. wetdentist

    How to Disable Start Screen?

    i don't mind the start screen that much, but i do find the positive message attached to it to be almost annoying enough to turn off the start screen
  6. wetdentist

    How Do I Delete the Surround Panner in Tracks?

    thanks that did the trick!
  7. wetdentist

    How Do I Delete the Surround Panner in Tracks?

    for some reason, when i added a new bus & made it my default bus (so that all the guitar i was gonna comp over this section would be connected to my new bus), i didn't realize a surround panner had been added to the newly created guitar tracks. i have never used surround in the 18 years that i've been using Cakewalk, but now i have a surround panner in like 40 tracks. how do i get rid of that? thanks in advance!
  8. wetdentist

    The Great Shutdown - What have we learned?

    i neither had the time nor money to try all the other DAWS & and am very happy that Bandlab picked up Sonar & made it better.
  9. wetdentist

    Cakewalk Bundle File Collaboration and Sharing

    i have 2 .bun/.cwb files (i forget which) that are corrupt from 2007. i get told on forums to try opening them in Safe Mode, but when i do that, the project opens up; there's just nothing in it. i have mentioned several times before that i wish there were a utility program that could open up corrupt .bun/.cwb files minus the stuff that is corrupting them. like if a track had audiosnap in it, and that was what was corrupting the .bun/.cwb then it would open up the .bun/.cwb file WITHOUT audiosnap. i generally learn important things the hard way, and this was one of them. i NEVER use .bun/.cwb files!
  10. wetdentist

    Recording to Matrix Cells

    +1 on this. i admittedly do not use the Matrix, but adding a feature like this would make using it make a lot more sense to me
  11. wetdentist

    Nested Folders

    +1 for this feature
  12. wetdentist

    Move to Folder, From Folder

  13. wetdentist

    Melodyne Update released but...

    the default algorithm is never remembered here either. i hope this issue gets solved, but i learned the hard way not to deal with Celemony customer support. the last time i needed help, they refused to help me, someone who had just purchased an upgrade to Melodyne 4 Studio, because my email address always ended up in their spam folder. it was awful.
  14. last night i was working on a project with the newest version of CbB (i still have Sonar Platinum installed for use of all its plugins) and i was setting up 2 of the vocal tracks (for a guest vocalist). in the Pro Channel of the 1st track, i added the Softube Saturation Knob & the Boz Bark of Dog, so far so good. but when i went to add the same modules to the 2nd vocal track, neither the Saturation Knob nor Bark of Dog did anything. is there a reason that these modules might only work with one instance per project? i'm baffled here, because i've regularly used those modules in the past wherever and whenever i'd wanted to.