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Anybody else have Melodyne not working right after update to Version 2024.02 build 098 64 bit?

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Microsoft apps, particularly Edge, don't allow the average user to remove them but you can repair them. Type in "apps" in your Windows Search and order them by install date. If you double click the Microsoft installs, there should be a "Repair" option which will check installed files versus the manifest. You could have a bum install file from one of those updates, and that would be quicker than directing you to download things blindly. Check which apps have installed since your last known good baseline.

This is also why images are advised. If an update is being forced on you but breaks your machine you can still back out of it.

Also Google "DISM Restore Health" that is another method to quickly correct system file errors. This link is a good one.

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Well I wont change the subject to solved just yet, but after re-running the redistributables in Noels post, then I got a reply from addictive drums with instructions to turn off defender, uncheck a box called controlled folder access in security settings, delete certain addictive drums files, and then download the installer again with  defender off, then I reinstalled addictive drums and it worked normally. 😁 I think I had downloaded melodyne last night and reinstalled it, but it didnt work right, but today after the addictive drums changes it did. Beyond me. So now melodic algo works right, I can edit/cut notes, they are where they should be instead of all in one long blob, I can enter note assignment mode normally. All seems well.  My internet is currently at 40 kb sec which is crazy. Anyways, I will be seeing how this goes, and learning from the helpful posts. Thanks to everyone for the informative comments !

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