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Shout it out by paulbush

Paul Bush

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Hi Chaps here`s an angry song ,

Shout it out ......paulbush



Shout it out from the rooftops, Write it on a screen

Shout it out from the mountains, Put it out on T.V.

Cant keep this inside of me,I´m Gonna drink myself drunk

They`re playing hide and seek, now it`s their time to run

Time to take to the streets, Wave a flag in the square .

Every man woman and child, We´v had all we can bear

Well we see youre getting nervous now, a cracked

smile cant hide the facts and figures ...

When the walls come a-tumbling down ,

All their friends have gone to ground


We put our trust in you, all that we got in return was

the same old excuse..

Jobs for their parliamentary boys, making all the right

noise.. and getting drunk on expenses ...

Incompetence is a way of getting ahead

Sitting on an insider board with all your

lobbyist friends

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Thanks guy`s for the positive feedback I´ll be doing a re mix at some stage that 2nd chorus slipped through the net ,

like i said I´m a bit angry at the world at the moment just when you think it cant get more silly it does .....once again thanks for replying P 

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