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My Electric Trilogy


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thanks kenny,Byron, and Notes!

The strat was my go to guitar when I retired and played in all those bands,In In the air force I had everything supplied to me so I used those till I retired. 

In the air force I had a hamer beefed up for hard rock, 2 es 335s, 2 Les Pauls, tele, 3 strats, an Gibson L5, A GB 10 blonde, a steinberger that held chords in tune even with the tremolo bar very depressed, A Ramírez  classical, 2 Ovation acoustics.  They were issued to me. Yes, it was guitar heaven

Today I only play to impress Bapu

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Thanks Ed, the cool thing about all of the guitars is they all have their own distinctive sound. 

I don't favor any one of them. The Benson has that Breezin woody tone that's gorgeous on jazz tunes. 

The Strat has the Hendrix SRV sound and the Tele is all twang. 

The LP is classic rock at it's best. I still Am in guitar heaven!

hopefully they will be Bapu approved 

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