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WARNING: Listen at your own risk.  Yoko (not known for her intonation) is the lead singer.  I think the song would have been better had there been autotune. The Phil Spector echo helps a little.  Still, I think its a catchy tune. (Not sure if they used auto tune for the remastering.)

Notes: The original album (Some Time in New York City) is from 1972.  It is of historical note because the double album contains material from when John and Yoko joined Zappa on stage at the Fillmore East June 1971. Lennon (and Spector, IIRC) "produced" the material from Zappa's recordings in such a way that it was instantly recognized as horrible (IMO). Most notably the mix was of subpar quality and Lennon renamed and took credit for material he had no part in writing.

But this song is about "Sisters" (in the 1960s -1970s socially conscious sense). 

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