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Song Association Game :D


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5 hours ago, pwalpwal said:

oi! you just docked me 10 points for *****ing blur

It's not Blur, just Damon Albarn.

It was at the point when I heard he was doing an opera, I thought "someone stop the little fecker, just stop him!"

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6 hours ago, Wibbles said:

Hmm ... I always found this track quite annoying, but it serves a purpose:

Babylon Zoo - Spaceman


Annoyingly catchy, although I've always wondered about the line "...images of fascist popes" 🙂

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Disco Inferno – The Trammps

We opened for them in the 1970s. They offered me a job, for less money than I was making, and I'd have to ride on the tour bus and share a hotel/motel room with another musician. I simply said, "Thanks, but no thanks".



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