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Bad day.


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Shane - I saw your comment while looking for something else. So, I had to sign in, to give my condolences and sympathy.
I am so sorry, brother.  A lot of people jst don't get that they aren't pets, they're family members.

And Bitflipper,  the single worst day of my 66 yr long life was so bad, I can barely write about it. 

A few years ago, one of my cat rescues was so skittish, I used to call her my "special needs cat" It took forever, but she'd finally learned to go through a ritual, and then sleep next to me.

One day, she slipped out the slightly ajar front door, and vanished all day. We looked for her for hours, and finally I got in my car to drive around locally, looking for her.

She had been hiding in the wheel well, fell out and I ran her over. She died frightened and crushed in my arms, as I told her it was time to sleep.

After a few years I have gotten to where I only think about it a couple of times a week, but it used to be daily. I KNOW in my head it was jst a horrible accident, but my heart's still broken and racked with guilt.

So, yeah guys. I know all about very bad days. - Jstn

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6 minutes ago, bayoubill said:

Here's my idea of a bad day 



  ...wait ..my bad  I misread the Fred

Ya, sure Bill.  We know that's really a private fetish of yours, but it's ok.  Your secret's safe with us. 😏

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