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Poor Little Darlin'

freddy j

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Throughout life one gets a chance to meet all kinds of people.  Some become friends, some acquaintances, and other not-so-much friends.  This is a song about some that I have met. These individuals had a hard childhood which in turn made adult life difficult for them.  I have combined these images into the subject of this song.  It is done up in a mix of styles:  jazzy, bluesy, beatnick-ish,  and alternative.  How is that for specificity?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  As always input, comments, crit.'s, suggestions, etc. will be very much appreciated.





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Hi Jack C.  Thanks very much for listening and for the input and suggestions.

Hey Wookiee.   I very glad that you liked it and thanks for the feedback.  But,  more specific on my genre definition!!!???  That was my edited definition!  You should have seen it before I edited it. 😅

Hi Douglas.  I was a bit hesitant about posting this song.  It was not my usual type of style and my most thorough critic (my wife) hated this song.  She said it was the lyrics - they were too dark (can you imagine that?).   Thanks very much for listening and the kind comments.

Hi Bjorn.  Ya, this was a bit different for me but to misquote John Lee Hooker - it was in me and had to come out.  Thanks for listening and the kind comments.

Hey tom.  Thanks for listening and commenting pal.  I'm still looking for your YouTube site.  There is a Deering Amps but is that you?  Thanks again.

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Apologies for taking so long to respond.  Time just keeps rushing past.  I can't quite figure out why as we are being good and staying at home trying to avoid Cov.  Time should be moving slowly not fast.  Go figure?


Hi Lynn.  Thanks very much for the very kind words and encouragement!  This was a bit of a different style for me.  I recently heard about an acquaintance that was struggling with another round of depression.  This brought to mind others that I have known.  I do not suffer from such a malady but I can empathize.  A few days later I was listening to the song  Torokh by DakhaBrakha  and was mesmerized by the bass  (cello) line.  It seemed to fit what I had been thinking about and I mixed up the two ideas.  Many thanks again.

Hey Paul.  Thanks!!  I appreciate the kind words.  I think that you are right - most of us have experienced such a state at one time or another, or known someone who has.

Hi Mark.  I am very glad that you enjoyed it.  You made my day!

Hey David.  As a wee bit of a child I remember hearing some beat poetry/music on the radio.  I was too young to understand the lyrics/poetry but I dug the over all feel.  Finger snap applause - brilliant idea -- why didn't I think about that? 😄  Thanks very much for listening and commenting.

Hey Kenny.  I have known a few people that have suffered from problems like this right into adulthood.  I fortunately had good, supportive parents and did not carry problems like that into adulthood (with the exception of my possible quirkiness).  However, one can certainly empathize.  Thanks very much for listening and the kind comments.

Hi Nigel.  Thank you very much.  Given the excellent quality and creativity of what you have been posting, I very much appreciate your comments. 

Hi 53mph.  I was caught a bit off guard by your interpretation.  However, upon listening to the song again I can see where one could possibly take this as being sarcastic.  Please be assured that this was certainly not my intent.  My intent was concern and compassion.  Thanks for the reference and I'll give it a listen.  Also thanks for listening and your perspective.

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Hi Freddy,

This song is sad because it covers more people today than I would like to think. The music is great and fits the message well. It is taking me awhile to get used to the doubled vocals. As others have said it could potentially use some work in that area. Maybe pull back on the backup line some? Just a small nit and sugg.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Daryl - I'm glad that you found the song.  Thanks much for taking the time to listen and the kind words.  The drums are from an old clip that I had.  A wee bit of comp and tiny bit of reverb and they almost sound modern. ☺️  Thanks again.

Hi Starise.  It is indeed a sad situation for many.  RE: the vocal -- this involved my abuse of delay and reverb.  I used my old Boss Digital Delay stomp box on the lead vocal. As I seem to uncontrollably do, I perhaps (or actually?) used too much.  As soon as I can find the working file, I'll give it another go.  I appreciate the input and thanks for listening.

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