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I thought it was about time


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On 10/20/2020 at 4:16 PM, craigb said:

That's just about exactly how my '76 LP looked!  (Except it was the Gibson model.)

Since yours is an Epiphone, have someone check the electronics too.  There are reasons Epi's are cheaper!  😉


The pickups in my old Epi Les Paul Traditional were actually pretty good. Tuners were never an issue either. The things that almost systematically gave me issues with Epiphone's are: the switch, the pots, the input jack which constantly needs to be re-tightened and the chrome finish on the pick up and bridge - but the last one isn't a common issue, just something my body does to cheaper hardware and to a guitar's finish.

A recent picture of my favorite guitar, the one known as the Angry B!tch (Gibson Les Paul Studio), kept in a smoke free environment and well cared for.  I'm basically a human relic'ing machine...



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On 10/20/2020 at 9:22 PM, Bapu said:

My buddy who has about 20 Gibby LPs checked out the specs and he believes with this model they did not skimp on the pups or wiring harness. He's the one who told me to put a bone nut and new tuning pegs on her.

More specifically, Grover 502s. They are locking tuners and are a huge improvement over what comes on them stock (I’ve got several Gibs in my collection). They fit appropriately tight in the tuner holes and prevent string slippage and improve tuning stability. I’m partial to Graphtech nuts (more stable tuning). But to each their own.

A Tonepros ABM over the stock tunomatic bridge and tail stop, may be something you want to look at down the line. The stock ones are held in place by string tension. Meaning they fall loose during string changes. The Tonepros are held in place with set screws and the pieces are made from aluminum vs the stock ones which are made from a zinc alloy called zamick. The aluminum Tonepros sound a bit fuller to me than the stock pieces. But that’s just a subjective opinion.

On 10/21/2020 at 1:21 PM, Bapu said:

Thanks mate.

That will mark my 13th real live stringed instrument. Probably need to stop now.


Wait I ent got an SG guitar yet 😞 

Remember, The guy with most toys at the end wins! You’re doing just fine. 

It looks very nice Ed. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it! And the next one, too. 😃

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On 10/20/2020 at 3:15 PM, Bapu said:

I got one of these:

Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit Electric Guitar Aged Dark Cherry Burst - Pre-Ordered today.



Nice Guitar Bapu ! it sure beats having to pay  out $6,499.00 for what  Gibson gets for a Historic Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul ..

I happen to Love and I have had very good luck with Epiphone Guitars   . My experience with Epiphone guitars ranges from owning and playing  prewar arch tops in the past to  owning and playing  the  4 Epiphones that I  currently  have now ... 3 are Les Specials with various pick ups and a 1961 SG reissue w 2 P 90's  in Alpine White

Incidentally while my Gibson R 8 sat in the case all night tonight ,  I wound up playing my Epiphone 1961 SG reissue for a good part of this evening .

I kid you not  ...that Epi  SG can hang tough sound-wise right along there w my Gibson  R 8 ....

Before when I had Duke I could never trust leaving a guitar out on a stand ...now I can leave one out and yet I still leave the high end ones in the darkness of the case LOL...

Anyway , I'm wishing you the best of luck with that nice looking Epiphone Les Paul  you recently ordered ..If I had the extra  coin to spare I would get one myself .

Yeah I Know TMI 🤪




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This is the only Epiphone I've ever had.  Yes, the dipstick who had it before me TRIED to make it look like a Gibson (including replacing all the electronics to match the Gibson).  Other than the fake headstock, I did end up with something that played and sounded like a Gibson, but at an Epiphone price.


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Extra reading on the guitar I ordered.


Epiphone and the Gibson Custom Shop have teamed up for the very first time, launching an affordable ’59-spec LP model: the Epiphone ‘59 Les Paul Standard.

Part of Epiphone’s Inspired By Gibson series, the limited-edition guitar takes after the coveted vintage classic, offering a number of period-accurate appointments such as 50s-era wiring and a hand-rolled rounded ‘C’ neck profile.

The Epiphone ’59 Les Paul Standard features a mahogany body, with a maple top and an AAA figured maple veneer, and cream binding. There’s also a mahogany neck with an Indian laurel fingerboard and 22 medium jumbo frets.

A pair of authentic Gibson USA BurstBuckers are wired to period-correct specs to preserve top end when rolling off the volume control. In the control section are two pairs of volume and tone knobs with CTS pots and Mallory capacitors.

The guitar sports hardware by Epiphone, including a LockTone tailpiece and stop bar set, as well as Epiphone Deluxe tuning machines with vintage tulip keys. There’s also a commemorative metal medallion toggle switch plate on the back of the guitar.

The Epiphone ’59 Les Paul Standard is priced at just $799 and comes in two finishes: Aged Dark Burst and Aged Dark Cherry Burst. It also ships with a vintage-style brown hard case.


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hi Baps - cool - I play Les Paul's all the time - got far too many of them!!!

On second thoughts, silly statement, you can never have enough guitars.....

Looks very nice indeed - set of good tuners and good nut as your friend said and it will be a stuner




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