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8 minutes ago, Notes_Norton said:


Please return to your cabbages!  Also, as you've bean told before, refrain from bothering the deck suedes as they work for minimal celery and need to find any leeks.  If any turnip, then there might be some water cress especially if there are also kale-force winds which can make things very chili, though I doubt there's any chance of capsicum.  Remember that only women and children are allowed onion the microgreen life boats because there isn't mushroom.  We've already had a report of a passenger named Ginger (who has some nice melons by the way!) who slipped and did an eggplant on the deck.  Now excuse me, I yam going sprout to take a pea.  I leave you with a brief prayer from Parsnip Chokos: "As a native of Cauliflower, I am cucumbered to you all.  To quote the Kohlrabi Cavolo Nero, 'Those who are witloof, spring onion and don't taro, shallot miss a beet.'  Asparagus, so we can carrot the weight okra the mountain and across the fennel.  Tonight we require courgette that we may sprout tomato.  Scallopini, amen!"

(Please note that artichoke and asparagus were not included because they stayed home and ended up on the Okra show.)

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