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Puns Anyone? Got 'em? Post 'em.


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Got a pack of puns in an email this morning and, when I saw Bob's last effort among them, I figured I had to share the rest! 😜


Fungi puns are my yeast favorite; there's too mushroom for error...

If you have to wear both a mask and glasses, you may be entitled to condensation.

When you teach a wolf to meditate, he becomes aware wolf.

Monsters don't like to eat ghosts because they taste like sheet!

I was told not to steal kitchen utensils, but it's a whisk I'm willing to take!

Water is heavier than butane because butane is a lighter fluid.

I have a friend that wants to study burrowing rodents; I told him to gopher it!

I'm reading a book called "Quick Money For Dummies" by Robin Banks.

Nothing tops a plain pizza!

When you said life would get back to normal after June, July'ed!

Newsflash:  "Lego Store Re-Opens After Lockdown!  Folks Lined Up for Blocks!"

Cosmetology student misses class, forced to make up makeup test!

Be careful when you eat at Sam & Ella's diner!

I pulled a muscle digging for gold; just a miner injury...

I never finish anything!  I have a black belt in partial arts.

Ghosts like to ride in elevators because it lifts their spirits.

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