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Hired Gun  is a  move documentary about what it takes to become a top level in demand musician  for hire . 

An elite group of "First Call, A-List" musicians share their incredible behind-the-scenes stories of touring, what it takes to play next to the world’s most iconic musicians, and create some of the world's most popular songs.

I just got done watching this film and I have to say wow . This movie was a must see for me . I'm here to share and put the word out for anyone who hasn't seen or heard of it.
I got the copy I watched from my library and I know this movie is listed on Netflix ...where else I do not know ...great stories  great playing and a very sobering look at the bizz from the players that have lived it .

Here's a couple of u tubes trailers for those who want to know more .


Last but not least , here is a link to  an article titled 10 quotes from Hired Gun . The web page contains  a few more videos .



all the best



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8 hours ago, craigb said:

You can also watch it on YouTube for $2.99 apparently!

I had hoped to find it for free on u tube ..but hey at least someone can ante up the coin if that is the only option available to their situation ..


6 hours ago, Grem said:

What's the quality? You know off hand?

Wish I knew ...u tube is showing the trailer and short clips of the film . The quality of those seem decent .

I happened to be in the DVD section of my local library and I spotted this movie .If you have a library close to you I would call them up and find out if they have a DVD of the Movie ... 

Who knows they may have it and if it's out you can put a hold on it and reserve on the DVD  for your self ...


6 hours ago, James G said:

Great stuff, thanks Kenny. Love stuff like this. It's available on Netflix here so I'll watch it tonight.

Hi James, 

This film for me was a must watch . I Love stuff like this myself . Great playing , excellent story telling , hard learned lessons , and some Rise from Rags to Riches and in some cases The fall from Riches to Rags stories ....Hope you get to watch this film  .

If you do ,  enjoy my friend ...

6 hours ago, SteveStrummerUK said:

Thanks for the heads up Kenny, added to my watchlist 😃




Woo hoo - "free"!

Hi Steve great stuff ...I'm happy you posted this ..It may be a huge help for those who want to see the film and have Prime Video ..

6 hours ago, Grem said:

I'll put it on my 'to watch' list too!


After watching  this flick last night ... is a good one . I certainly learned a lot ...I  may watch it again tonight ...that is how much I enjoyed watching this movie ...


3 hours ago, Bapu said:

I don't wear a watch but it'll be on my to do list.


I think you may enjoy this movie ..who knows , you do tunes and rub shoulders with a lot of players and forum members ..might even find a gem in there to help with your own music & collabs ...


2 hours ago, craigb said:

I couldn't tell without paying for it.  Sorry!

WOW an honest person that don't have sticky fingers living in Vantucky . OMG 🤣

Hey just kidding w you ,

I've heard only a small example here and there of your playing ...from what I can tell , the music and guitar playing in the film is right up you alley 

thanks all for stepping up and contributing  . 



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That was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it. If I was being picky there was a little too much about the metal guys, but some fascinating stories in there. The one about Jay Graydon & Steve Lukather writing a song for George Benson was a hoot 🤣

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On 2/7/2019 at 12:45 PM, craigb said:

Wait...  Just found the torrent...


(I'm kidding!!! 😛)

Good Job Craig , yet still be careful my friend . I think that's exactly what Adams Rib said in the garden  right before she bit into the Apple .


On 2/7/2019 at 11:31 PM, James G said:

That was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it. If I was being picky there was a little too much about the metal guys, but some fascinating stories in there. The one about Jay Graydon & Steve Lukather writing a song for George Benson was a hoot 🤣

Great stuff James , I'm glad you enjoyed the movie . The George Benson song story you mentioned took me by complete surprise ...

Overall I agree w you . Some of the guitar playing is a little Metal heavy . I guess considering what's popular in Music these days  the producers of the film may have felt Metal may have been a better choice to feature in the film as opposed to some of the other guitar influenced Music . All those Cat's in the film that were playing Metal sure had some nice guitar playing Chops when it came to playing other styles of Music .

I used to watch The Voice a few years back and I used to wonder who played the guitar in the shows band ....

After seeing the film I think Justin seemed to be the player I used to watch  on The Voice  back then ..

Great to hear from you , thanks for sharing




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On 2/8/2019 at 4:45 AM, ØSkald said:

I love watching documentary’s like this. Its like new Insight. In the 80’s I’ve heard that the drums on “this” album was not played by the drummer and so on, but newer knew it did go that deep.


Yes count me in as someone who also enjoys watching  documentary’s like this .

In the 80's going into a Recording Studio with a band that was signed or even going in with an unsigned band for that matter was not something people did every day .

Booking a studio was very expensive back then . Many of the people that I recorded for back then would be cutting money corners in one area , splurging in other areas , lying to peoples face's ( like mine ) while looking right into your eyes , paying this one who is not with the band thinking since they are paying them they will get their moneys worth while the unpaid band member sits there and gets no money  even though he knows what best for the song because he or she wrote half of it

The sad part is  the leader then treats those player like $hit because the leader does  not value the players playing credentials anymore and they start taking the players song contributions for granted ..

A Quick 80's story's

In the Late 70's early 80's I was on music row in NYC working at a music store . Bobby Nathan had started to get real serious with his recording studio Unique Recording .

He went from 8 tracks to 16 to 24 tracks in a real short period of time as those higher track boards were coming out ..I wound up playing my guitar for a recording session over there at Unique when I think he was still only 8 tracks . The Artist who was laying down their own music was not know by the average Joe on the street , but the person did in fact know people in the music bizz and they wanted to put their best foot forward so they could hopefully get signed or have something move forward in their music career .

I was working on Spec ( the most hated word in my vocabulary ) in addition to me ,  one or two of the other session players that knew her  pretty well did her the favor ...The session was going great all the players were gelling and we had a decent set of song basic tracks to work from .

The Artist was a good guitarist in her own right  and she wanted some nice sustained flowing emotive guitar playing from me  . I remember feeling real stoked when I had been given the opportunity to play my 59 Telecaster into a Mesa Boogie for my guitar solo's ...

Back then they queued up the analog tape and had me punch in my guitar solo's ...I was grooving , my playing was grooving , every body in the studio was digging and grooving on the lead solo punch ins ..

All was right in my world and I felt good knowing  I could be myself as a player and give my talent to someone who appreciated my contributions...

It only took a 10 whole mins for that whole thing to crash and burn .

A super clean cut guy comes up the elevator dressed in all black polyester . The artist swoons all over this fella and asks him to play his horns ...

IIRC , He had brought a tenor and an alto Sax to the studio ...

One by one the tape gets rolled back to the places where I had laid down my guitar solo's ...One by one she asks him to play some of what I had just played on the guitar on his Sax but add lib a little and pretend while you are playing the melody / solo you are unzipping your  zipper and doing a strip tease  ....

I was in the control room and heard her say that one with my own 2 ears ..

After about an hour and a half Ole Kenny went from being a scorching hot lead player on some real cool tunes  to becoming rhythm guitar player #1 ...

The effing Sax player didn't even leave me  a phucking morsel or a stinking crumb of a space in the song where my guitar playing had been ...

I asked the Artist  how come all my lead guitar solo's had been taken out the song ..I thought you liked them ...

She turned to me and said I did like all your guitar playing very much .

You are doing me a favor by playing on my session for Spec and I do appreciate it . I'm paying  the sax player  close to $150 . 00 dollars for 2 hours of his playing and I want to get all I can out of him :(

OK folks , need I say that was a hard lesson I learned that day xD

all the best ,






Edited by Kenny Wilson
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On 2/8/2019 at 5:50 AM, kitekrazy said:

If you have Netflix watch the one about Chicago as well.

I like them ..great band ...Terry Kath  Whew Great player ...

Why not start a thread on it ? I'm sure people would respond .....

10 hours ago, kitekrazy said:

Fame comes first and often one has to wait for the fortune.


I found out a long time ago  a  little sobering nugget of truth ...nobody will ever do anything for me or my music until they can exploit  me and make money off my a$$.

It don't matter how nice they put it to you That Is The Game ...



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8 hours ago, paulo said:

Billy Joel though.........

For many years and for no reason whatsoever I always imagined that guy was a boggle-eyed onanist of the highest order. 



Sad but quite possibly true ....

8 hours ago, paulo said:


Turns out I was right.


Hey , You got one out of 20,199.  ...just messing w you ...have a good one ...

7 hours ago, James G said:

Yeah, he came out of that pretty badly.


Overall , I agree with you there James .

Liberty 's sections of the film had me sitting on the edge of my chair . He seems like a no nonsense straight shooter from the hip . 

A few decades of playing and hanging around with the same band members and having the same boss could have taken it's toll .

Who knows the truth about what happened since we only heard one side of the story .

This dialog does seem to bring up an interesting point  . What happens when you find out about a band or a musician  that was placed on a lofty pedestal (by oneself)  Then over time the back story comes out and the facts indicate they had questionable integrity or in plain English they were just a Douche ?   

That's one thing about watching these type of films I find interesting ...I find out so much stuff I didn't know about some of my hero's ....

It's not always good , in some cases it may even be tragic ....ex Terry Kath playing Russian roulette w a non revolver / a semi auto pistol w one in the chamber ...sad indeed 


all the best,



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