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I once wrote a song called.......


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11 hours ago, James G said:

I think ''How Now Fat Cart-Like Wench, Whither Goest Thou Inst Drawers So Fearfully Overpopulated'' may have been one of the more outre' numbers.

That or ''Turn of the Century Grape-shot Paranoia''



Hey Jame's ,

I'm gonna have to give that tune a listen after I get done reading the book you wrote .....




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I recently  got the chance to co produce and  record this  strikingly  handsom  fellas  performance  of

"Who Stole My Boys I Know The  Vet Has Done Me Wrong  "     

Once the tracking was done I  dialed in some of his suspicious bone chilling howls  using Melodyne ..

Also ran his piano playing through the Pro Channel while addin a touch of Breverb .

Overall the session worked out Great when he was not licking the spots  where his Lost Boys  used to hang out ...

(ooopsss there goes my Pinocchio nose again .... alright who slipped a blue pill in my coffee ? I know and you know I'm telling the truth ?  Right ?}

uncross fingers ...


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