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  2. Tez, as soon as you click file/import audio the option will be on the very first page that pops up , it's just a check box. You may also have "auto save" enabled , saving it for you. Frank , a friend of mine just got the $199 package with all four advanced programs. Killer deal. mark
  3. i thought i'd posted this, but no, here it is sitting in my reply box
  4. Btw I created my own Z3TA+ "Ranking-List" (about 2000 Presets) in Libre-Writer to keep orientation... 🤠 Ahh, thx and okay, so I can delete those initials...
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  6. I have not received any notification about it yet, I was updated on that occasion and they promised me that.
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  8. I have followed this path since version 1 - more or less. Wise words indeed.
  9. Here a screenshot from the Z3TA+ 2 About screen with ten of the sound designers and their initials.
  10. Did you check if there are no hidden tracks? I once had a similar situation with a track that was hidden and I tried all kinds of things, deleting tracks etc. It made me crazy. In the end I used the "Show all tracks" option and found the problem. In the reference guide you can find different options to hide/show tracks, busses etc. Just another wild guess: maybe the project somehow triggers Melodyne externally if you also have a stand alone version installed next to the Sonar integration, or Melodyne is triggered by another plugin or track through routing?
  11. Is this from Z3t+ 1.5 or a newer version (or an earlier version)? Perhaps they are the initials of the sound developer? (Just a guess.) In 1.5 there is a bank that says . Maybe BT stands for BigTone? Speculation verified by Canopus. See below.
  12. I could successfully drag & drop between EZBass <-> explorer and EZBass <-> CbB both direction... 1.03
  13. Bloody oath mate 🙂 Alternating between the oppressive heat of Townsville Nth QLD, which I try to avoid as much as possible, and the relatively mild climate of Sydney and NSW, mostly the later.
  14. Hi, anybody around here understanding the meaning of these special endings in Z3TAs first "Factory Content" preset library? 12 endings as far as I see can count: BT / BC /BD / DMS / DSF / FI / FS / FI / FG / HP / WRJ / XS ... for example: RockFlagEagle WRJ Smooth Poly FS Space Bell Donk BC thx and nice to meet you
  15. Hi Mick, Great song with special lyrics fits your delivery perfectly. Love the BGVs and well thought out instrumentation. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  16. Hi Bjorn, I enjoyed this futuristic voyage into another sonic galaxy very much. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  17. Hi Nigel, Great professional production with an eyecatching video - well done. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  18. If there was a "bug" like that these forums would be in flames. I´m sure that some troubleshooting will fix it.
  19. Interesting idea. I thought resizing images would cause problems for the UI's stability so I never tried it. But as my eyes continue to age I might explore expanding the size of frequently used / hard to read elements. More research needed. Intuitively I suspect that trying to enlarge the buttons so they match the double sized icons won't work, but based on your suggestion its worth it to me to try. EDIT: Suspicion confirmed:
  20. Are you using Melodyne as a region FX or putting it in the FX bin ? I would strongly urge you to use it as a region FX and do sections at a time. I find Melodyne to be a great Vocal correction tool but not something i would use similar to an Auto Tune FX.
  21. Hi David, Very airy and interesting, a trip from cloud to cloud as it were. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! Regards paul
  22. $5 Minimum Donation https://www.noiiz.com/project-unity
  23. A few times even from my Sonar days I'd have a random weird voice doubling effect appear on some vocal clips and I always assumed it was just me accidentally processing clip effects or something. But recently trying to get to the bottom of it I realised that melodyne and cakewalk just play havoc with each other. Even when putting the melodyne effect OFF it would remain on the track, even DELETING the effect it woudl stay on.. and then it does weird stuff like plays both corrected and uncorrected at once causing a strange comb filtering problem. So then I think right I'm going to delete the audio clip altogether and import the original file... but NO it is still playign the audio clip EVEN THOUGH OT HAS BEEN DELETED OFF THE TRACK! So clearly all those times I ended up with bizarre doubled vocals it was this bug all along. It's a bloody mess, and quite frankly I can't be living in fear of losing hours of work if this sort of bug remains and while I appreciate the software is now free, it may be time to move to another more reliable system, but I hope not and there's a simple fix. I'll try bouncing original audio to a duplicate track so I don't lose it in case this happens again, but there's only so much of this I'll be able to take. Anyone else getting these issues? Any possible fix?
  24. I have used it to normalize audio in audio tracks and am not aware of any other use for it. So, yes, you will have to bounce what you want normalized to a track, as far as I know. You might be able to achieve similar results by using a compressor in the master, or other bus, but this is not something I have had much experience with. I have a lot of effects from previous versions of Cakewalk so I'm not really sure what comes with Cakewalk for Bandlab so I can't recommend a specific tool for the job. I suggest you bounce your tracks to a stereo track instead of exporting/importing. It's simpler and easier. For more information you can download the Cakewalk Reference File PDF file. The answers to many Cakewalk problems can usually be found there. For sure knowing how to bounce multiple tracks into one track is an important thing to know how to do.
  25. True Trance Sounds V1 for Dune 3 - the unique package, created by NatLife itself. It contains Analog Synth Wavetables, Dune 3 Presets and FL Studio Template wich based on the 30 Dune synthesizers in one project. Combining all the current styles of trance music this package will grow your Dune skills on the next level. A magnificent selection of ACID sounds and ARP's, warm Leads & Plucks, the deepest Pads and usable effects. All this together will give you the desired result in achieving your own goal, working with Dune 3. Soundset contains: 64 Dune patches includes: 3 - AAH 7 - ACID arpegios and sounds 3 - ARP's 10 - Basslines 2 - FX's 17 - Leads 12 - Pads 10 - Plucks 26 real Analog Synth Wavetables comes from: Moog Minimoog, Oberheim OB-8, Yamaha CS-15, Korg Minilogue XD, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland SH-09, Sequential Prophet 5. FL Studio 20 Template includes: 30 Dune 3 synthesizers in one project, where each track is named and separated by color. Includes all the modulations, Waves(Kick sounds, Drum Loops and FX's). 44 Wave Files overall. Buy Link: https://www.natlifesounds.com/product/true-trance-sounds-v1-for-dune-3/
  26. Hi everyone, I would need, if possible, the cakewalk manual in Italian. Can anyone give me information? Thank you all in advance!
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