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  2. RBH

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Noel - The enhancements for audio editing are amazing. I've been doing a lot of very tight waveform editing the last few months and I thought I was getting some errors when rendering - particularly with stretching and slip editing - but I was doing this against an existing project where I had completely re-written the tempo map and was tasked to cut audio tracks in a thousand places and move and stretch them to fit the new tempo adjusted midi tracks. It was very tedious and I thought I was taxing the whole thing by rendering against a continuously varied tempo map. The fixes for wave editing are super tight . I feel really confident going in a cleaning up things now - Thanks again for all the pain staking work your team is doing.
  3. TheSteven

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays. Might come in handy if you dabble graphics. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/free-zine-texture-overlays A small sample of the textures you’ll get in this free pack.
  4. Base 57


    You just click on the muted clip and hit the K button
  5. Hey everyone! This is an old one from my band that I did a re-mix of today. I'm trying to get some practice up for the new album we're currently doing pre-production for. I'd love some constructive feedback on it! Thanks very much, I really appreciate it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8e8jbd43wos8gyg/Black_Leaf_Clover_-_Sun_Lightning.mp3/file
  6. Paco Salazar

    Seamless Deeply Intergrated Sampler

    Yes, please 🙏🏻
  7. kellerpj

    Unavoidable bug - Mouse movement limited and shuttle issue

    I get the same issue when I try to use the "Jog" function. Check this post.
  8. Paco Salazar

    Duplicate clips on grid.

    There are forms to do it like you are saying, but the “ctrl - D” shortcut option, chosing a clip with a grid lenght ( pro tools duplicate too the spaces between clips if you select a bunch of them In a grid) is really fast and inmediate. Hope that it is not a difficult implementation in our Cakewalk.
  9. Mesh

    Audio issue/bug

    I have a Focusrite 2i4 (1st generation) and as of late, I can't play (let alone record) any project without the audio dropping out (a continuous beep). I have to continuously stop and play the transport to get it to work, but it's a definite problem and can't get anything done. If I get lucky, it'll actually play any given time I stop and play....most of the time it's the audio dropping out. I was thinking it's my 1st gen 2i4 that doesn't have driver support anymore and possibly of getting a new audio interface.....unless there's a solution to this??
  10. Today
  11. bitflipper

    Good news for V-Vocal users

    Unless you're doing contemporary R&B with lots of Cher-effect vocals, stay away from automatic pitch correction entirely. That includes Melodyne's algorithm, which is actually quite good. Always edit pitch by hand, and always determine where corrections are needed by ear alone, ignoring the visuals. That will get you the most transparent pitch correction possible. Great vocals simply don't need to be quantized to exact pitches any more than drums need to be quantized to exact ticks. Except for those genres that are built around machine-like precision, such as EDM. Listen to Paul McCartney or Paul Simon vocal tracks - both are masters of pitch, but neither are precisely on the note. Not ever.
  12. eezye


    Hi Larry, tonight I've done some extensive testing and I will try to be as clear as I can about what I've found using comp mode: when I click the record button with no punch, I correctly monitor only what im playing and not the track underneath when i use punch, when the scrollbar hits the punch in, i hear both what im playing AND the audio underneath(it sounds exactly like "sound on sound" mode), as in 2 sources of audio at once. Both of these scenerios are with "mute previous takes" UNCHECKED when I then CHECK the "mute previous takes" box to try to use comp without hearing 2 audio sources playing at once while recording, it greys out the audio that is in the punch region as soon as i click record. this would be fine if i could unmute the greyed out waveform somehow, but I'm not sure if that is possible
  13. Ryan99

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    This is the kind of free update that Cubase would charge you for 2 updates...
  14. Craig Anderton

    How to ruin a drum track...

    And as I point out in the article, you can even do it after the fact. So you record to the click, have your signal processors sync, and all that good stuff. But then, add the final touches that belong more to the realm of mastering. Sure, people could say "but the tempo changes should have been there from the beginning." But they're not - so you do the next best thing.
  15. dahjah

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    hmmm wish I knew how to do that, supm to look into.
  16. bitflipper

    How to ruin a drum track...

    Perhaps the most common mistake hobbyist composers routinely make: picking a tempo and stubbornly sticking to it for the whole song. Tempo changes are the easiest way to liven up a recording, especially if your base tracks are MIDI. Something as simple as a subliminal increase of one or two BPM on the chorus will make your track more interesting, even if the listener doesn't know why.
  17. Marc Cormier

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Wow. I like this update more than 4.0 - lots of great functional updates (plugin manager, waveform improvements, etc.). I was concerned that it was all things EDM from here on out, but there's a number of big improvements for instrument recording, CPU efficiency, etc. in addition to the MIDI updates.
  18. pdkmusic

    Can I bounce a midi clip into wav?

    Yes in tracktion you can choose sample rate and sample size. I am not sure about studio one though. Have to check that out. But both those daws can render midi clips that send their data to another instrument track. *No options for studio one. You just bounce to audio.
  19. Larry Jones

    Can I bounce a midi clip into wav?

    Yes, this piques my curiosity as well. So you have a MIDI clip but no soft synth assigned to it, and S1 or Tracktion figures out which soft synth to use and renders the wav file for you? Does it also determine what bit depth/resolution you want to render to?
  20. Ryan99

    Audio Assault 70% off

    I got it at 24$. You can wait.
  21. Chris Jones

    Arturia Keylab/Control Surfaces

    So long as you're seeing your device listed in your midi devices list (it's being recognized), that video should be a great help. Have you gotten that device working in Cakewalk on at least a basic level such as triggering a soft synth?
  22. Chris Jones

    Prochannel modules ever to be released again?

    Not to hijack thread or nothing, but real quick.. For those who used ProChannel, how did it stack up against Waves' SSL E-Channel? I have that Waves strip so I never messed w/ ProChannel, but I always wondered how it compared.
  23. scook

    hang on close

    I believe you have partially answered your own question. Some rely on older 32bit only plug-ins. The bridge also aids in transitioning from 32bit DAWs and older projects where 32bit only plug-ins were used.
  24. Wookiee

    Arturia Keylab/Control Surfaces

    I have my Keylab 88 controlling the transport, not at the DAW the moment, will try to remember how I set mine up.
  25. Tony p

    Arturia Keylab/Control Surfaces

    It didn't work but I'm a little out of my league here and suspecting I'm doing something wrong. 😂 Thanks for this video. I'll try this out and update if it works.
  26. Cookie Jarvis

    First Cubase Project and...

    ...in my continuing tradition of posting works in progress here's something I'm been working on since Friday(first day ;) ). Right now I'm calling it Dawn but that can change at any time...just like everything else in this project- Dawn(Cubase WIP) Take 2 Bill
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