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  2. They’re divided into collections based on DJ signatures like Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, David Guetta, Skrillex, and, my favorite, Lost Frequencies. Sure, lots of percussion but mostly bass, pads and keys.
  3. I'd post this at the NI forum and I may still, but answers can take forever to come there. In Absynth 5, in the Spectral Expansion library, there's this preset called "Granny Smith" and it's got this organ-ish sound w/ an LFO type thing layered under it and this LFO thingy has a rhythmic movement to it, but for the life of me I can not get it to sync to host tempo or even Absynth's tempo and I've turned every "sec" button to "beat" that I could find as well as clicked to "Sync" button but no go, and from what I understand Absynth already syncs stuff that can sync to host automatically. In the Patch area where you have all those cells, this rhythmic LFO thing is actually coming from a "Mod" cell and I guess it's a ring mod that's doing the rhythmic thing and it appears there no way to sync it, but I hope I'm wrong. Can anyone who may have it pull up this "Granny Smith" preset in Absynth 5 which is found under the Spectral Expansion library and see if this patch can be synced? I'd be super grateful
  4. Edit->Select->By Filter is probably best. Set the duration min / max to the number of ticks of the note length. The number of ticks of one beat depends on your project's Ticks per Quarter Note setting: So in the above example, one quarter note is 960 ticks.
  5. Good lesson about halloween, I have to buy Candy for the halloween kids,
  6. Multi-track audio quantizing *is* complicated because of the need to avoid phase errors. And it unavoidably takes a bit of massaging of audio transient markers on the guide track to get a good result. The only real alternative is to split the audio at transient markers and quantize the clips which is what Lord Tim was recommending against with his post, and you'd still need to use a common set of transient markers on all tracks. I'm not aware of any other tools or other DAWs that make this significantly easier. You can search cakewalk/sonar multitrack drum quantizing on Youtube to find tutorials. I haven't reviewed any, but here's one:
  7. How many Kontakt instruments are there? It boasts 10,000 "instruments", but looking back at the video it shows between 20-25 Kontakt instruments for each artist. Are the rest of the sounds just drums?
  8. Well here’s a weird one, once we get to 10 free, what do I pick: Ampeg SVX 2 or Classic Inverse reverb? If I get the verb, I’ll have all of T-RackS. But SVX2 would be good for MODO Bass, I guess (though I don’t have it yet). On the other hand, Zo likes his Inverse verb. What do I know.
  9. If you have a $50 voucher, then you can get the Neve Preamp for $39... That's as close as you'll ever get to $29 deal at UAD...but their plugins are quite exceptional so...there's that...
  10. I've been looking too. CbB docs say to just select it as a control surface but it's not there. Any attempt to find it always takes you to the Avid site and it assumes you bought something. I'll keep looking.
  11. Well, I did. And I like it. My son’s a Tomorrowland regular, so I go with the flow.
  12. i have all of my cables custom made. a vendor called Performance Audio is just .5 mile from my work, their prices are excellent. i usually ask for Mogami or Canare cable, and whatever end i need, typically Neutrik. ends up being just as cheap as the cheaper cables i would buy at GC or sweetwater. https://www.performanceaudio.com/
  13. He lived a long life for someone who was always so "Blue"
  14. What is the method used to select (and delete) MIDI notes by length? "Delete Whole notes only" or Delete 16th notes only" I was trying "Deglitch" and looked at the Event Filter but not sure the best way.
  15. "Reputable brand" is the key term.
  16. Which version and build number of Cakewalk do you have. Are you using ASIO driver mode? The following is assuming the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab What you might want to try is, with Cakewalk closed, rename your AUD.INI file and then restart Cakewalk. This will rebuild the AUD.INI file. The AUD.INI file is located in the following folder: %APPDATA%\cakewalk\Cakewalk Core
  17. Bill if you get close to her, ask her what deodorant she uses. She has no wet spot 😆 S.L.I.P. Don't you dare touch this one. Its to easy for you
  18. Probably right. They were old cables handed down to me from years ago. I was just getting back into playing and money was tight. I'm sure it had something to do with it but the house was really close to the relay tower for WMAQ Chicago radio. the house was built in the 50's and the attic had the foil back insulation. I ripped that up and put fiberglass in the attic. I'm glad we only lived there for 3 years. First house that we got a great deal on.
  19. Hey @Frank DeFede Check out this article by Craig. I've tried the example he mentions and it sounded great.
  20. Wait... This is what the sale prices are? 😂
  21. Correct. I can't touch a cable of any kind without an auto reflex using this technique. Can't remember what life was like without it.
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    Best to disable the MS GS Wavetable synth in preferences. It appears there is no audio in the project. If this is the case you could Save the project as a MIDI file. Then open the MIDI file. If no MIDI output devices are selected in preferences, CbB will automatically add the TTS-1 softsynth plug-in and audio tracks need for the project. In the future use soft synths for MIDI as mentioned the previous post. BTW, there is no need to freeze tracks to export an mp3. The problem is the project has no audio to export. The audio is coming from an external device.
  24. Your shift method worked! Thank you so much man, you're a lifesaver! I'll also make sure to use the templates now too. Thank you msmcleod for responding too!
  25. Thanks for your feedback. It sounds kind of complicated and like this type of quantizing with multitracks in cakewalk is not pretty convenient. Isn't there a non cakewalk plugin or other tool to use instead of audiosnap? inside cakewalk of course
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