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Some useful feature suggestion(especially for film/video game music composer)

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Some useful feature suggestion


1.       Tempo adjustment enhancement

In current version CbB, you cannot select a serious of tempo change, and just drag them up/down, left/right. A flexible tempo adjustment function is pretty essential for a film music composer.it will be useful if cakewalk able to adjust tempo like this.



2.       Logical Editor

In percussion editing, it’s very common to do something like “select every other 3rd notes and subtract velocity by 12”, although it can be done by write a cal script, but cal script is not very friendly to use. So a logical editor may be a good solution for this situation. Users can create the function they need by themselves.

3.       Capability of creating multiple Marker tracks.

-------------------------Navigation enhancement and track visibility management-------------

4.       Track visibility configurations

Maybe a visibility manager instead of show/hide track dialogue is better. Visibility manager also should able to dock to the bottom, able to save different Track visibility configurations and able to assign a keyboard shortcut to each configuration.


5.  New commands  

(1) Show tracks with data

(2)show tracks with data at the now cursor position

(3) show tracks with data between the locators 

Usually a scoring template contains hundreds even thousands of track. These functions will significantly help composers to reduce the time to navigate the tracks.

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Hi, folks... :)

I think you want this too...
I Have Reaper & Cubase 10 and this DAW have interesting idea for arrange view. The Ripper is the best, but requires a lot of effort and additional scripts.


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