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  1. After installation, I have two files in the system: BBC Symphony Orchestra (64 Bit).dll BBC Symphony Orchestra (64 Bit).vst3 I Remove BBC Symphony Orchestra (64 Bit).dll and now I don`t have this problem.
  2. This is cool options but have problem now.... If I have only Split MIDI Notes I can`t split note. If I have Split MIDI Notes & Non-Destructive MIDI Editing I can split note but when I move note to other tune this all note become long again. Clip is also long too. This is video about this problem.
  3. You mean this plugin? I tested it. There is no reaction with it. Does not work.
  4. I have iCON Platform M+ add to CW like a Mackie Control I download "Cakewalk's MackieControl surface plugin" and If I try to Install I have Error now... https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2005263/Mackie-control-surface-Plug-in I try Bitwig & Reaper and use for iCON Platform M+ (Mackie Control) with other driver - Driver by Moss (http://www.mossgrabers.de/Software/Software.html) After install and setup my iCON Platform M+ can automatically switch to the selected tracks and have more options like a ACT Control. May be you can do this for CW? That would be fantastic!
  5. It's obvious that if I choose several clips, I don't need to open the synthesizers. I will work with clips. If I choose several tracks , I don't need to open the synthesizer. I work with tracks. When I work in an arrangement, I choose clips, write notes, and write automation. At some point, I want to open the synthesizer. What should I do? Need to drag the mouse to the other side of the screen to click on the icon? This is very inconvenient when you have large monitors. Please make a simultaneous selection (number and track name). Then you can use this key to open the synthesizer. In the current situation, it is useless. If you make a synchronous selection (track number and name) - an option for the user to choose - it will be fantastic! P.S. If the user suddenly selected several clips or tracks, and then accidentally pressed shortcut: Open Soft Synth - let the first available one open.
  6. Improved handling of temporary removal of control surfaces Amazing! Thank you! I love you! Please, please, please... Can you do this for control surfaces: If I select track (number or name) control surfaces automatically switches to the selected channel. It would be great to have this option in the settings.
  7. Key binding to open soft synth on current track 1. This is nice but... this is work ONLY when I select Track Name! 馃檪 I can click to synth icon and open synth. It doesn't make sense to use this key. When I select clip nothing happens because the track is not selected completely, only number track! But for this key to work, you need to select the track NAME. Please make an option FOR syncing the selection: Name & Track number. 2. Will be great to have Toggle options for this shortcuts: open/close synth. This is video about this problem.
  8. Ripple Edit affects Arranger section move/copy operations The Ripple Edit setting is respected when moving and copying Arranger sections. When I move to right all is good (clips move), when I move to left - nothing happens. This is video about this problem.
  9. Will be great to have it like in Cubase. In Reaper I can do this too. Open files meter_strip_v.png in image editor and change color as you want.
  10. Hi. What you think about it? When I have some color I can`t reed some words in Inspector. Some buttons don`t have nice view. How can we fix it? Help Cakewalk team to solve this problem.
  11. The long MIDI note is not cut. Audio clips are split. It would be convenient to make the option to automatically cut a long midi note.
  12. Multi-timbral soft synth enhancements This is a Amazing feature! Thank you! Tracks (channels) are not added to the folder.
  13. Piano Roll - Auto Focus & Auto Lock = Link this options. Hey, guys. 馃檪 It will be convenient when editing multiple tracks. Then the instrument (track) can be selected through the selection of notes and at the same time other notes (instruments) will be automatically "locked" (it will be impossible to edit them).
  14. Well, I can understand that. I do not insist on the lines. I want to have a nice and handy tool, easy to use features for drawing and editing MIDI CC enveloping. In Cubase there are no such lines in Studio One, but it is more convenient to draw than Cakewalk. Perhaps you need to add "Smart Tool" to Calewalk: Draw a parabola, transform tools - How about this? Bitwig have line too... Reaper don`t have line now but have a handy tool for drawing based on JS scripts.
  15. Yes. It looks like... But It's not inside the MIDI slip. :- ) And you need to create a separate MIDI track for this. To work with notes and at the same time to correct automation it is not absolutely convenient. It is not possible to work with multi-instruments in one Piano Roll. All you need to do is work with MIDI CC lines inside MIDI clips. Or make handy tools for drawing lines. At least do as in Cubase. Repeat once again.... Cakewalk has a very handy Piano Roll among all DAW and especially for working with multiple tracks, instruments. But the most inconvenient among all DAW way to edit MIDI 小小 inside the piano roll. Why make a very convenient Piano Roll and such a terrible way of drawing MIDI CC. It looks like a cool and beautiful car, but without an engine. We need a good engine.
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