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The Annual "Show us Your Booty" Thread!


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26 minutes ago, Carl Ewing said:

Audio Imperia: Talos
Audio Imperia: Aeria Lite
Audio Imperia: Nucleus
Audio Imperia: Cerberus
Audio Imperia: Jaeger

Quick question. How much is the price of SOLO for you? Just wondering how far the loyalty discounts stack on that one.

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I made the mistake of RTFM for Gamelan II and as this is such a rarity for me, I entered an altered state and when I came round there was an email in my inbox from Best Service with order details. 😁
I have heard Gamelan played live in Bali and whilst I don't want to try and create that style of music, it looks to be an unusual source of metallic percussion. The engine gives plenty of possibilities for sound design which pushed me over the edge.

It was the last day of the sale and it was over midnight but maybe it was still mid evening in Bali so the price was honoured! 😃

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1 hour ago, Kirean said:

Quick question. How much is the price of SOLO for you? Just wondering how far the loyalty discounts stack on that one.

Oh...It is 134.10 in my cart. (164.90 discount). 

Checking incognito, that's $15 cheaper than a new customer. So basically 10% off the sale price. Didn't feel it was worth it. The crossgrade stacking is where the discounts really kick in.

So funny - I can get 134.10 for Solo, but got Jaeger for $142. Ha.

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On 11/25/2023 at 10:10 AM, Sheens said:

Toontrack Superior Drummer +1 Wurli for Sampletank.

+ ML Drums Free + expansion pack Luxe (19.95...Ludwig kit + 6 snares).

it don't like high samplerates...NO VELOCITY hits..just 1 sample for each

kitpiece.....bad purchase but at least not huge loss..


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  • Bitsum Process Lasso Pro - makes my new computer able to handle low latency audio so much better
  • iLok Zero Downtime w/ Theft & Loss Coverage - now I can go away for a few days without stressing about thieves stealing my iLok key
  • Ableton Live 11 upgrade from Standard to Suite, providing a free upgrade to 12 Suite when it is released - I realised recently after trying Ableton Live again that Bitwig had been a creativity killer for me. After switching back to Live, the music has started flowing again. Weird, but I'm running with it. 
  • DDMF Metaplugin - I'd wanted this for a while, and the Sweetwater price was too good to pass up
  • BFD3 - The VSTBuzz price with code was too good to pass up
  • Waldorf Streichfett - regretted not getting it at the launch price ever since, no brainer now that its back that low
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UPDATE. I think I'm now finished for the year. It was a modest bounty. 

SD Indiependent 

EZ Custom Shop 

Quick Muse

8Dio Deep Quintet Strings 

IK Cinekinetik: Fractured Piano

IK Clavitube (I blame @Patrick Wichrowski for this! He could play this well, I'll play it terribly.)

I'd planned on buying Indiependent the next time it went on a deep discount.  I never heard Custom Shop before this sale, but once I did, I loved it, and for $27 USD, I couldn't pass it up. I planned on getting a solo cello and stumbled across 8Dio Deep Quintet, which I always thought was the same as the Deep Solo strings I already own in a different configuration. When a huge discount on it caused me to look at it and listen to the demos,  it was apparent it was a different library and I love the sound of it. I'll still be watching for that Sonixinema Contemporary Solo Cello to have a deeper discount,  it sounds incredible to my ears, but I can't get myself to buy it until there's a bigger discount.  So many developers deep discounting and even Sonixinema deep discounting its other libraries has caused me to wait. The funny part of all this, I still need to install a new SSD -- which I have in a box -- before I can download anything beyond Quick Muse. I simply don't have the disk space. 

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1 hour ago, kevin H said:

What do you think of SD Indiependent ? Kind of considering it myself. 

I love the demos,  but I need to install an SSD drive to install the library and I doubt I'll get that done until maybe next weekend. 

But I've found Toontrack libraries are extremely high quality and am confident that it will deliver what I heard in the drum preset demos (listen to those on Toontrack's site if you haven't already). To my ears, it sounds perfect for that indie singer/songwriter acoustic based folk rock sound of the last decade or so with artists like Mumford and Sons,  Sufjian Stevens, Damien Rice,  Ray LaMontagne, etc. If you look through the first or second Toontrack BF thread cclarry made, one of the regulars posted that he has it and it's one of his favorite SDXs. I got it from Best Service -- Thomann had a slightly lower price, but I had Best Coins that brought the price down to something like $47.50 USD, which seemed like a great deal to me, considering its regular price. 

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12 hours ago, antler said:

When you get a chance, let us know what you think of these please.

From what I've checked out it sounds quite good - HOWEVER, it's an extremely complex interface - much like their Genesis Children's choir, so it's going to take a bit to really test it out. Something like Audio Imperia Chorus is much easier for getting right down to playing. Eternity (and Genesis) take some manual reading. There's a massive amount of customization options (divisi, stage placement / mics, phrasing, consonant / vowel customization, etc.).

However - just using basic vowel stuff like mmms, oooohs, aaaahs, etc. the polyphonic legato is as good as Genesis (i.e. amazing), and the staccatos are also excellent...although the upper dynamics are not as intense as something like Chorus. However...there are so many customization options I may be wrong about that...that's just in playing around for an hour.

With the number of phrase options, this should be one of the best libraries on the market. However, I'm not yet convinced about the tone...especially the Male tenors and the Female sopranos. I find the performers they chose  too "traditional" and emotionless when soft, and a bit shrill at max dynamics. But there's a lot of customization to deal with that (and the Expanded content splits each section - bass, alto, tenor, soprano into 4 separate groups each, each with their own mic placement / mic selection. That's A LOT of control.

The manual reading will be intense. Haha.

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UAD Complete 2, Apollo X6 +Sphere Lx Microphone,L22  Microhpone, second hand TC M350 reverb processor

VocALign Project 5

Audiomodern Complete Suite


Acoustica Premier 7.X

JST Maximizer, EQ, Skybox, Soar, Toneforge® DI Match, Producer Bundle II

IK Multimedia Syntronik MAX v2


Could buy extra:

TC Finalizer APP

Studio Session Pack


quite a big input about UAD as their big promotion.




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This is everything from the last  two months but most is from the last two weeks:

Ableton Live 11 Suite Upgrade from Lite
AudioThing Dials
AudioThing Gong Amp
AudioThing Lines
AudioThing Noises
AudioThing The Orb
AudioThing Wires
Ben Osterhouse Cell Sampler
Ben Osterhouse Cello Textures
Ben Osterhouse Sea Sampler
Ben Osterhouse Viola Da Gamba
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio Update
Cherry Audio Eight Voice
Cinesamples Randys Prepared Piano
Exponential Audio Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D
Flux Ultimate Plug-In Pack
IrcamLAB TS2
Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords
Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch
Sonarworks SoundID Reference for Headphones
Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan II
Soniccouture Waterphone
Sound Particles Panner Collection
Soundiron Phonautograms
Tracktion Dawesome LOVE
Tracktion f.'em
Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 14
Zoom U-24
Zynaptiq Morph 2

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