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Hope it's not something I said...

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Is this happening to everyone or just me? (Note: Bapu, nothing to do with you, it's just that yours was the only notification left in my Notifications dropdown).

Note: The referenced Topic has disappeared... the plot thickens...


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Well IIRC we all started talking about the new update including the old CW plugins such as DimPro, RapPro, and even some other stuff. 

Unless someone started talking about something else...

Maybe they didn't like the pics of Ming...  I mean Meng, that was posted. If that's  the reason, it's all @craigb fault!! 

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Sorry to see the thread go bye bye ! 

I'm just glad they got the guy that ate the baby hippo .

He was giving all us Zebras a bad name .




Now as far as Cakewalk By Bandlab goes , I am running the current version  ( pre future update version )

I have to say this has got to be the best release of Cakewalk By BandLab "so far for me " that I have used  on all my computers .

Very stable and feature rich .I  wound up giving the boot to a number of full featured DAW's  I no longer use any more .

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more than one thread disappeared...It might have been my fault :(

... and this is why we just can't have good things around here.   We just break them.


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1 hour ago, Jimbo 88 said:

Is that Bapu second to the end?


{edited}  --  I just realized they are all forum guys.  My bad.

Yep!  Jon Bouy (who has been MIA ever since he got married to a mermaid, I'm sure there's no connection there! 😆), Shane, Me, Ed and Kenny.

The irony is that I actually won a hard-body contest once AND I used to dance at Chip-N-Dales!  (Not as a Chip-N-Dale dancer, but when they opened the doors at 10pm and it became a normal nightclub - 30 guys joining 300 gals who were very frisky after just watching a s ex show!  The odds were definitely in our favor! 😁)

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