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No Waveform while recording



Actually there was a waveform preview while recording, but it isn't anymore.

Now the waveform just appears after I stop recording. During the record there is none.

But this is just the case in my current project and the last one(or so). If I start an empty new project and create a new track and hit record everything works fine and the waveform is drawn live as it used to be.

I've searched the internet, deleted the files from the picture cache folder, tried to check and uncheck the Checkbox from the waveform-preview thing in the settings, but nothing helped.

Any Ideas? :)

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Thanks for all your replies :)

@John Vere It happened at the very beginning of a new project, so there were just like one instrumental track(mp3) and 2 or 3 tracks whith some test vocals. At this point I didn't add any effects or plug-ins to the tracks. On older and larger projects were I had more tracks and already added some effects/plug-ins there was no problem with the waveform while recording.
Even if i delete all four tracks from the project where the issue occures and add only a new single track and hit record, there is no waveform altough it records audio and draws the waveform immediately after I hit stop.

@Andres Medina  & @rfssongs I tried this, turned it on and off, nothing changed. But on a new project this setting works as it should and I can show/hide the waveform.

I have found out, that I can copy all 4 tracks from the problematic project and paste them in a new project, then the waveform works.
However, I have no idea what to do if the problem occurs at a later point in the project when i have already added various effects, Plug-Ins and settings 🙈. I don't think I can copy all those too.
Maybe I will test some things and try to recognize what happens before the waveform-problem occures👀

Thanks so far :)

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