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@Jim Fogle Why future? My OSC preset is quite "popular", there are at least 3 users 😉

May be my NI (M32/A49) preset will be popular as well... in 6 years... even so NI controllers are popular and my preset has more features with Cakewalk then official integrations into other DAWs, I am still waiting for the first feedback 😀

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@JoseC I have tried to make presets without having the controller on my table, not only that is far from easy and error prone job, the results was far from perfect (f.e. as I have found with X-Touch Mini, once I have bought it). I have bought M32, so I have made a good preset for it. I don't have Launchkey, and so I have no plans to made preset for that device.

Note that Launchkey support HUI and has finite controls. In other words there are several simple ways to make it work with Cakewalk: Mackie plug-in, ACT plug-in, Genertic Surface plug-in, AZ Controller with "Startup" preset. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but basic functionality is achievable with any of these approaches.
Sure, complete integration, with all supported by device modes, particular user wishes and good LED feedback needs dedicated solution. Programmers reference exists for MK3, so that is possible by third party (in 'C++' using Cakewalk API or as a preset for AZ Controller). I just mention that because not all controllers have programmer references in public (some are possible to get privately, for some devices producers don't give them at all...).


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