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  1. What Scook said: I said "inline piano roll" (in Track View), not the Piano Roll View
  2. You don't need to use it for more than as a guide for aligning your envelopes with your notes.
  3. It should be noted that the OP has stated that he just wants to use CbB to edit a few pre made midi files to set some music to his puppet shows. He does not seem to be a musician, or be interested in learning more than what is strictly needed to perform a very simple task. He has stated that he has had Cakewalk in several versions for fifteen years but even so he does not seem to understand things like the difference between MIDI file types 0 and 1, or very basic interface navigation that has not really changed for years, so I would not say that he is a beginner, or a new user, rather someone who wants to occasionally use a complex tool without spending too much time to learn it. Maybe what he actually needs is to find a musician to help him with the music side of his shows.
  4. Why don't you just use the track's in line piano roll instead of the PRV?
  5. There is actually no need to click ALT. Just hover the cursor over the track´s header until it turns into a vertical double arrow and drag to reorder. About your "mysterious" TTS1 tracks, it looks like you are saving a MIDI 0 type track (all channels in a single track) into a MIDI 1 (each channel in a separate track). About your hole deleting problems, search for "Ripple editing" in the documentation, There is nothing too complicated about MIDI editing in Cakewalk, most of it is pretty standard. Just take a little time to learn the basics.
  6. Place Now Time at the desired point, open the Event List, insert event CC7 with desired value.
  7. Glad to help. Anyway, Cakewalk should place a bank event for those sysex messages that are stored as sysex banks. If not for those at the beginning of the sequence, that are marked for Auto Send, at least for the last reset at the end. If it does not, this is a bug, indeed. That Preferences option sould really be unchecked by default, to avoid situations as yours. Please mark the thread title as SOLVED, so it is easily found for others searching for help.
  8. Uncheck "Always use Sysex banks for MIDI files (instead of Sysex data)" in the Preferences>Midi>Playback and Recording menu, and see what happens. As stated in The FM
  9. I would add that after doing all the routing, saving all with a Track Template is a good idea.
  10. How many screens do you use? Is it possible that you used to open CV in a second monitor that you do not switch on anymore?
  11. You should test everything again. Known plugin persistence problems with have been addressed in the last update. About sluggish transport, how many tracks do you have when you notice that?
  12. FXpansion´s Geist installs a small plugin called Spitter that is placed in the FX bin of any audio track as audio effect and captures the audio and sends it to Geist to be sampled. I haven´t used it in a while, but it used to work perfectly in Sonar Xx. You can even set an input threshold for it to start recording. The thing is that, at least for me, in practice is more convenient to record to an audio track and then drag what you want to the sampler. I can see that if you want to do it in a live context you need other workflow, but if you want to mimic the MPC, for example, what you need first is a suitable dedicated hardware controller. That is IMO why live sampling is the realm of the MPC itself, and Maschine and Push, together with other totally computer independent solutions.
  13. It would be great if you listed version and build, system specs and any info that could help to repro your issues. Not seeing those here. For example, track duplication copies over color, name and volume.
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