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  1. I don´t make orchestral music, but I believe that the common practice with orchestral sample libraries is mapping CC11 to the Mod Wheel and use it to ride expression as you play your midi controller.
  2. I have an iPad with Lemur and TouchOSC, plus a Contour ShuttlePro2, but for transport I end up using only the PC keyboard.
  3. Dozens? Where? "Dozens" would mean at least 24 people, wouldn´t it? 🙄
  4. Press Z to select the Zoom tool. Lasso select the area you want to zoom to. Done. Press Z again to unselect the tool. ALT -Z to undo zoom. OR keep Z pressed while you lasso select to temporarily select the Zoom Tool.
  5. Are thy exactly the same, or have they been updated somehow? I already had them.
  6. Try these. SelectBass.cal SelectMelody.cal
  7. You can do much from Process>Find/Change.
  8. Moving notes up and down with the Num pad 8 and 2 keys works by default and have nothing to do with CAL scripts. And if you press CTL+8 or CTL +2 you move them by octaves.
  9. I was recently going crazy about something similar, messing with all the latency and sync options to try to fix it, until I found out that my problem got something to do with having the audio metronome set with a count in. Worth a try.
  10. The synth rack works more or less how a rack of hardware synths would. Synths are not depending on tracks at all, same as you can have an available hardware synth and not have it connected to the mixer until you need it. I find it very flexible that I can record midi data in a track pointing to a hardware synth and then change the output to a software synth in the rack to try other sound, edit the patch, then add another synth to the rack to try with the same notes while keeping the other synth with its edited sound, instead of using replace to completely discard the instrument and the edits. Besides, the Synth Rack is where the assignable controls are, like @Astra-Ios points out above.
  11. The generally suggested freeware sampler is Sitala
  12. Ableton Live Clips save all the instruments and FX chain, and can be even previewed from the browser without loading them first. They are practically track templates with included data.
  13. JoseC

    Wish List

    Notice that you can open them in Notepad to read how to use them.
  14. JoseC

    Wish List

    Transform.cal turns C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4 into C3 A#2 G#2 G2 F2 D#2 C#2 C2
  15. JoseC

    Wish List

    Ummm...the Transform CAL script then, I think
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