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  1. @azslow3 Any plans for a preset for the Novation Launchkey MK3? It is a hugely popular midi controller.
  2. Es posible que WASAPI no esté soportado. Inténtelo con ASIO, y si no funciona intente conseguir soporte técnico de Lexicon.
  3. Por lo que aparece en una búsqueda en Google sobre el Lexicon Alpha, da la impresión de que este interface ya no está soportado por el fabricante y los drivers están dando muchos problemas en Windows 10/11 trabajando en modo ASIO, que es el que necesita para Cakewalk y cualquier otra DAW. Verifique primero si está en ASIO, y después intente comprobar si está utilizando los drivers correctos.
  4. Not much to add, really. Less vertical scrolling. I kind of prefer plugins at the bottom like Ableton Live an Bitwig, because with a large 4K display everything fits nicely.
  5. Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.
  6. There should also be a keyboard shortcut to do that. (Widen/narrow all strips)
  7. You must set your guitar track to monitor the processed output. Otherwise you will not hear anything.
  8. Make sure that no patch or bank is selected in the CbB tracks before saving.
  9. You can open it with Notepad, it is a text file. Once you see its structure it is pretty easy to edit.
  10. I have Events 20/20 passive and I use a Rotel hi fi amp that has a switch to bypass the EQ section. Those are too big for my current room, so I mainly use headphones anyway.
  11. It seems clear to me. You set your loop to record a phrase, you record a couple of takes and get the second half of the phrase right, but not the first part. So, you just record that a couple of times and don´t bother to continue playing the whole phrase every time. CbB then splits the phrase in two in all the takes so you can comp it whith what you actually played.
  12. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/garage/kuok-scions-music-creator-platform-bandlab-bags-us65m
  13. Until April 18th, all plugins except the Tone King Imperial have 50% off. Probably the best guitar amp sim plugins around. https://neuraldsp.com/
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