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  1. If you are using the VST3 version, try with VST2. I had problems with the Spitfire free BBC orchestra library where it would not load the VST3 version, but works fine with the VST2.
  2. You can use the VCV rack bridge plugin. Insert it in as FX in an audio track with output to an Aux track, and record that. It is deprecated and is not included in the new VCV versions downloads, but it still works with them. You need to download the last VCV version that included it. I don´t remember now which it is, but it should not be too difficult to find out.
  3. Yes! That was happening here and I almost went crazy until I found that the count-in was the culprit.
  4. I saw that too. It was scary, for a moment I thought that Cakewalk was gone again, this time without warning.
  5. That takes even longer, because then I need to unfreeze (thaw?) the track to keep on working on it. I just want an option for the track in the Bounce to Tracks dialog to persist, so I can sample things to it on the fly, without having a new track by default every time.
  6. Sorry if this is obvious, but have you checked whether the "Out" of the keyboard goes to the "In" of the interface? I am assuming that we are talking about actual DIN midi cables. This is probably the number one reason why midi does not work in my system after changing something, no matter how I thought that I made sure that I plugged everything correctly.
  7. Currently the Bounce to Track dialog defaults to "New Track". When I am sampling soft synths I want all bounced clips to go to the same track. Then I can drag them to the browser from there. I have a keyboard shortcut for Bounce to Tracks, but I have to select the track every time, because CbB always wants to create a new one. It would be nice to be able to choose between creating a new track, or setting an existing one as default. This way, bouncing a clip is a matter of two key clicks. I know that I could freeze the synth and drag the clip to the browser, but I find the Bounce to Tracks dialog options more flexible.
  8. I have spare hardware out ports, so what I do is to set an unused port as output for those tracks. I think, but I am not sure, that this has been adressed somehow in a recent update. If not, my suggestion is that you create an extra loopMIDI port, label it accordingly an use it for that purpose.
  9. Also check that the guitar link sample rate and bit depth match the project.
  10. What @Johnsaid. Do not uninstall anything. Just check your ASIO buffers. You DO have an ASIO audio interface, don't you?
  11. What sense would it make for every clip having its own name if all become the same as the Tracks's? Sorry, I don't get it.
  12. Yes. You are using it wrong. It is not designed to be used as VST, use it as ARA region FX instead.
  13. Glad to hear that. I went crazy until I found out. In my case, It was recording the synth´s audio too early, cutting the first transient. This only happens when you are recording an external synth using an already recorded midi track. Since a count in, or even the metronome, is not needed for that, it is not much of a problem, but it is a sneaky one. I haven´t found any other situation where this matters.
  14. Have you tried recording the audio without a metronome count in? It may sound crazy, but might make a difference. I was having sync problems while recording to audio external synths with the midi already recorded, until I found out that everything was fine if there was no count in. Of course it was not needed, but I had it enabled by default and somehow it was throwing things out of sync if on. Worth a try, I guess.
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