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  1. You can open it with Notepad, it is a text file. Once you see its structure it is pretty easy to edit.
  2. I have Events 20/20 passive and I use a Rotel hi fi amp that has a switch to bypass the EQ section. Those are too big for my current room, so I mainly use headphones anyway.
  3. It seems clear to me. You set your loop to record a phrase, you record a couple of takes and get the second half of the phrase right, but not the first part. So, you just record that a couple of times and don´t bother to continue playing the whole phrase every time. CbB then splits the phrase in two in all the takes so you can comp it whith what you actually played.
  4. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/garage/kuok-scions-music-creator-platform-bandlab-bags-us65m
  5. Until April 18th, all plugins except the Tone King Imperial have 50% off. Probably the best guitar amp sim plugins around. https://neuraldsp.com/
  6. Nope, it is a guitar pedal 😂😂😂😂
  7. I managed to find the VST2 Waveshell .dll in a newly created directory. Waves central does not ask for an VST2 installation path, so it seems that it just dropped it wherever it decided. I copied it to my usual directory and Cakewalk found it and it works now, but the VST3 version Waveshell does not, even though it is in the right directory.
  8. Same here. After first install of CR8 it did appear in the VST3 list but when I tried to load it I got a message that it could not be found. I then ran an installation repair from Waves central and now it does not appear at all. Works fine in Ableton.
  9. Yes, that is the best for VCV rack. I was just surprised that Rearoute worked with CbB.
  10. Fixed. Thanks all.
  11. I am trying to upload the updated Tungsten Clear Theme, but it seems that size limit is now 1.75Mb. I did not notice how it was before, but it surely has changed, beacuse I had no problem to upload the former version. Was this intended for some reason?
  12. How do you do that? I can select Rearoute inputs, but CbB forces me to select its outputs, too, instead of my Tascam interface, so I cannot send audio to my monitors. Reaper does not do that, with it Rearoute is something like Rewire, and allows to use both drivers, but not so with CbB. I have been using Reaper and Rearoute with VCV Rack V1 because the old VCV bridge wasn´t working too well, but I really do not like Reaper, and I would like to do the same with CbB.
  13. Yes, as soon as I have a minute.
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