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Jesse Jost

2019.07 Feedback

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36 minutes ago, Noel Borthwick said:

Hi @sabo fx I looked at your dump file. This is definitely not an issue in the 07 release.

What's happening is that the start menu is taking very long to populate the recent files list because it appears that some of your files are on a network drive.
You can see below that the code is attempting to launch the start page. However it encounters this UNC file path:


When it encounters this path we're trying to check whether the file actually exists by calling the Windows API PathFileExists. After that we attempt to read some meta data from the project file for the start page. The PathFileExists operation is taking very long and likely timing out. Is this network path still active on your system?

Let me know if this helps you resolve it.

Hi Noel,

I'm really grateful that you (being a longtime hero to me) have taken the time to sort out my issue. I apologize for blaming my problem on the latest version of cakewalk. As you have shown, clearly it was not related at all!

I found the MRU entry that you referred to in the registry at
"HKCU\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List"

I replace the value with the path to an existing local file. This totally solved my problem!!! Cakewalk finally launches lightning fast again.


Root cause analyses:
On the same day I updated my Cakewalk, I had a visit from a friend. We connected to his machine over a VPN to collaborate on a track. I guess that the problems started from the moment i disconnected from his VPN and the network location was no longer available.


PS: Also big thanks to Chuck for his advise on the focusrite driver issues.

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On 8/21/2019 at 1:28 PM, winkpain said:


So, what I am saying is, when "Zapping all" and returning to the default shortcut assignments, there seem to be some bindings that remain that are not represented in the Preferences-Keyboard Shortcuts window. In other words, the keystroke shows as "Unassigned" and nevertheless has a very obvious function.  Specifically, and one that has caused me literally years of confusion until today, is the number keypad NUM 0 key. This is hard-coded to an obscure (to me) "Enhanced editing with keyboard" function that I had never heard of or seen talked about, nor is there even  a corresponding menu item in the menu bar!

I have to say that inadvertently hitting the NUM 0 key, a very easy thing to do, causes profound confusion in regards to cursor behavior when editing clips. This NUM 0 key engages Enhanced Keyboard Editing with no indication other than a secondary cursor line appearing at a track row (and only on one track) location somewhere in the project that can very easily be completely hidden to the user given whatever zoom level or screenset you may be using. And then, being completely oblivious to the fact that you are in keyboard editing mode, the normal cursor no longer behaves as one expects with edits and inserts happening at locations that seem totally random.

Wow, has this driven me nuts! And I'm happy to now know the cause. But... what of this keyboard editing function?  Why no mention in the menus and otherwise no indication of the mode being engaged or not? Why is such an important default keystroke (NUM 0) shown as unassigned??

@Noel Borthwick The issue outlined in the above interchange between us last summer has reared its ugly head again! Perhaps it's a bit of a niche issue, but if it comes up, wow!

After the years of suffering the confusion it causes and the in-depth weeding it out last year (by un-binding it from key bindings), this "Enhanced editing with keyboard" function mysteriously started showing up again for me this week. For no apparent reason, this function started engaging whenever I hit the NUM 3 (numberpad 3) keystroke, which I have always had bound to the Nudge Right one bar function since time immemorial and thus is a very useful and oft-used keystroke for me.

Now pressing the NUM 3 key will engage Enhanced Editing, and pressing it again will not disengage it, unlike pressing NUM 0 in the default keystroke assignment. Then the only way out of this enhanced editing state is to either "Zap all" key bindings and then press the re-established default NUM 0 to toggle on/off Enhanced Editing, or otherwise to close and reopen the project.

Does anyone use this Enhanced Editing function??

And why, oh why does it want to persist even when I route it out? 

And most importantly, why is it a function that can only be turned on with a default key binding and is not otherwise configurable or controllable from the Menu (from the Edit menu, perhaps?) or in any other way?


For curious readers,  if you've not had the experience of the confusion it causes, just press the (number pad) NUM 0 key (provided it is on its default binding - achieved by "zapping all" and applying, if you've changed it like I finally did) and go back to editing your session - clicking, cutting, pasting, inserting. A strange, slightly thicker cursor appears somewhere on one track only (which may even be out of your current view) and is the only indication that you are in this other editing mode and shows (if you happen to notice it) the new location where any of your inserts/pastes/etc. will take place no matter where you click your mouse!

Now imagine having hit that NUM 0 key inadvertently, and never having ever used this, or even heard of this "Enhanced editing with keyboard" function, being completely confused as to what is going on!  Bloody hell !

Sorry, I'll stop.

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