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  1. I was recently plagued by glitches and pops in the playback on my Scarlett 2nd Generation 6i6. It has haunted be for over a month until i finally caved in and contacted Focusrite support. I had a chat with support engineer Jac Cheung on January 18th 2020. After hearing my symptoms, he recommended the following: 1) downloaded Focusrite Control - version (or newer) from their website https://focusrite.com/downloads 2) disconnect the USB cable between your focusrite USB Audio device and the computer 3) uninstall any previous Focusrite software and drivers from 'add remove programs' in the windows control panel (or settings in win10) 4) install the new Focusrite Control 3.5.0 (downloaded at step 1) 5) After finishing the installation, connect the unit back to the system 6) This will upgrade the firmware on your Scarlett audio device to version 1583 Apparently, installing 'Focusrite Control' does 3 things: * Install Focusrite Control (which enables you to configure your in/outputs) * Install the latest device driver (at the time of writing version 4.63.24) * Upgrades the firmware of the audio device (at the time of writing build 1583) According to Focusrite installing this will mainly improve stability for Scarlett 2nd Generation 6i6, 18i8, 18i20 interfaces. I can confirm that following these instructions has resolved the glitches and pops that i heard. My audio sounds great again! Hopefully this will help out others facing the same frustrations. Should anyone reading this still have issues after trying the procedure describes above, as a last resort, my might want to try your luck with the latest BETA driver that can be downloaded from http://beta.focusrite.com (which i found in some Reddit post). But you can also do what i did and contact Focusrite support to see if they can fix your problem, From my experience they are surprisingly capable. Cheers, SABO-FX
  2. I stand corrected and frankly feel a bit ***** for having missed this. You are absolutely right!
  3. Thank you for this idea. Having a default setting per VSTi would indeed be the best solution!
  4. Cakewalk (don't remember which version but some years ago) used to reserve the square brackets ("[" and "]") for octave up/down. But I think it lost this shortcut around version X1.
  5. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your suggestions! The individual Pro channel components like EQ or compressor do not have their own presets. And now that we are on that topic, I would also like to have a reset button on each pro channel effect to restore it to its default settings. This currently only works on a continuous selection of notes. If you deselect a note (CTRL left click) within the selection, CTRL + SHIFT no longer works for stretching. I'd like it to work on any selection of notes, stretching only the selected notes while not affecting deselected notes I know this. But I'm not talking about changing the gain envelope, but actually modifying the clip content in a similar sense as "Process/Apply Effect/Normalize" would do.
  6. Hiya, I've been using Cakewalk since version 3 (IIRC). Among my friends I'm somewhat of a Cakewalk Jehova. Always trying to pull people away from other DAWs by providing lots of 24/7 support on their attempts to switch to Cakewalk. But all those years i wish i would have taken the time sooner to request some of the features described below. In piano roll edit screen: * ability to invert selection of notes/events * Time stretch (selected) midi data (Ctrl+Shift mouse drag, just like clips) * key combo to move a selection of notes one semitone up or down * key combo to move a selection of notes an octave up or down In the main screen: the ability to in/de-crease the volume of an audio clip by dragging the mouse In the control bar: In 'loop' and 'selection' module, after entering the start time the [tab] key should make the cursor jump to end time input field Pro channel effects: * Customizable presets (storing EQ settings etc) Preferences: Option to by default start projects with 'zero controllers when play stops' disabled. A lot of particular KONTAKT instruments use the mod wheel to set the volume of the sound. Currently each time the song stops the mod wheel jumps to value 0, effectively muting the instrument. If just one of these 'features' would make it into Cakewalk, I'll be the happiest man alive. I look forward to your comments and feedback on these suggestions. Thank you in advance! Joost Kuin
  7. Hi Noel, I'm really grateful that you (being a longtime hero to me) have taken the time to sort out my issue. I apologize for blaming my problem on the latest version of cakewalk. As you have shown, clearly it was not related at all! I found the MRU entry that you referred to in the registry at "HKCU\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List" I replace the value with the path to an existing local file. This totally solved my problem!!! Cakewalk finally launches lightning fast again. Root cause analyses: On the same day I updated my Cakewalk, I had a visit from a friend. We connected to his machine over a VPN to collaborate on a track. I guess that the problems started from the moment i disconnected from his VPN and the network location was no longer available. Cheers, Joost PS: Also big thanks to Chuck for his advise on the focusrite driver issues.
  8. Hiya, After experiencing lots of Blue Screens and loss of audio (in other apps) after launching Cakewalk, i contacted Focusrite support. They send me a driver which has not yet been officially released. It seems to have resolved the problems i had: version 4.36.5-612 https://drive.google.com/open?id=10rzTB9DZx5IQZJEicvMYz27rTkisI1JQ I'm sharing it for those who might want to give it a shot. PS: I have tested the new driver on a 64 bit win 10 pro in combination with a Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen audio interface. Needles to say, use this driver at you own risk. I will not be responsible for any problems caused by installing the driver. (but hey, how much worse can it get 😉 )
  9. Hi Noel, I really appreciate your help! I've send you my memory dump. Thanx again!
  10. Hiya Chuck, Thanx again for your reply! I downgraded my focusrite driver as is recommended on the forum. This resolved some of my other strange issues i was recently experiencing (BSOD and such). But unfortunately it has not resolved my problem with having to wait for minutes, each time i launch Cakewalk :-(
  11. Focusrite scarlett 6i6 2nd gen (Using most recent drivers) Using ASIO driver mode in Cakewalk Other possible relephant system specs: Windows 10 Pro build 1903 (with latest updates) 32GB memory / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.20 Ghz
  12. Thanx Chuck E Baby for your reply! Safe mode can only be used to selectively choose which VST to load or skip when opening a project. However, my problem occurs at launch of Cakewalk prior to even having the ability to navigate to the "File" pull down menu. And the problem also happens after closing a project in cakewalk. I never had any of such issues before the 07 2019 release. I'm curious to learn if I am the only person experiencing this problem.
  13. At launch Cakewalk is not responding for several minutes. Problem occurs after splash screen disappears but prior to the VST scan and prior to the 'Cakewalk Start Screen'. The same problem occurs after closing a project. Problem started with the 2019 07 release and was not resolved in build 70. Been using Cakewalk/Sonar over 25 years. Never had this issue prior to this release. To get ahead of the most obvious question: -> No, i did not install any new plugins.
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