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Has it always been this way? Or am I just now noticing?

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So... there I was... tweaking a script for a Bad Robot trailer that I did in the key of C (relative) minor (Eb Maj Ionian key signature) when I noticed something in the PRV that captured my curiosity. The dominant major scale in the key of Eb (3 flats) shows note names in the PRV as 2 flats and 1 sharp, with G# being the outlier.


If you move to the key of Db (5 flats), you will find that the PRV now displays the dominant major scale with 3 flats and 2 sharps, F# & G# being the outliers.


Similarly, in the key of D (2 sharps), we find that the display is 1 sharp and 1 flat, with Db being the outlier.


Likewise in the key of E (4 sharps), we find that Db & Eb are the outliers.


However, when actually printing this session to a Staff script, all of the key signatures are correct, and all the naturals are in the scale with no incidentals.


If one was to look at the Event list in this session at each individual scale, the notes in each key signature are called out correctly.

Key of Db for example:503960189_DbEvntLst.png.a19b8c557eeaa118059359f7ef82e8c6.png


Key of E for example:1466216637_EEvntLst.png.6002b25a4740b6d3643bdc11c799c2ae.png

So here's my query: would it be possible, since the note names have a data conflict between the GUI display in the PRV and the Event List, but must (probably?) be derived from the same data, to have them displayed in the correct nomenclature for the assigned key signature?

Also, possibly revise the display of the Inspector MIDI scale flyout menu to look similar to this (which would just be the display data, since the application call already works):InspectorMidiFlyoutMenu.jpg.75eb76fab0d68d41e5afe429f059f06c.jpg

Attaching the project file (CWP) so that anyone else can confirm or deny my findings.


Key Signature Test.cwp


@Noel Borthwick


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@Glenn Stanton

If you noticed the Event List captures (or opened the session file), all the key signatures were applied for each dominant major scale. [of course, each track can only have ONE scale constraint applied at a time...]

So, yes... there is a quirk that seems to only happen in the note names in the PRV. And I'm not referring to the instrument definition list.

Seems there should/could be a solution to this in the algorithm, but it may not be an easy code fix.

Not mission critical, but it makes teaching music theory using CbB somewhat confusing for students.

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