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Toontrack Routing Issue

King Burton

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Did the DREADED and SEVERELY DESPISED Cakewalk update and now Toontrack (EZD 2 & SD2) drums stopped working. Uninstalled Cakewalk and Toontrack, fresh re-install. Same issue. What I see is a routing issue. Cakewalk track route choices show 1L or 1R or 1L/R. etc. and so on for each. However, Drum prog channel route shows Channel 1, Channel 2, etc.

Clearly no one is talking together.

Dug thu preferences and all is correct. Scan/re-scan VST ~20 times.

This UPGRADE feature has costed me a week of no production. Anybody have an idea how to fix?

Win11   i9-1100K   64G   1T  Presonus 8-chan Firestudio

Routing Issue.png

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Do not use 32bit Toontrack plug-ins (as shown in the image above) in 64bit DAWs.

They are known to cause problems.

Toontrack only supports their 64bit plug-ins in 64bit hosts.

This has been the case since Toontrack released its first 64bit plug-ins years ago.


In general, when running a 64bit host,

  • unless there is a problem with the 64bit plug-in, use the 64bit version when both 32 and 64bit versions are available.
  • avoid using 32bit plug-ins as they are often long out of support relying on outdated technology.


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23 hours ago, scook said:

The image in the OP shows SD2 loaded in BitBridge.


Steve, Please explain where you see SD2 is loaded in BitBridge. 

I'm using the screen shot and your response as a way to better understand what is displayed in the screen shot and I'm not seeing the BitBridge connection you see.

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Wow! KILLER ANSWER!!!! Yup, 64b in a 32b = FAIL.    AMAZING!!   Scook - speaks to your answer.

Begs the Qs: What could I have done in a Cakewalk upgrade to cause that?  How to load VSTs without bitbridge involvement?

(Got SD2 working but EZD2 64b crashes Win11. - BUT I don't know if bitbridge is the culprit there. Will experiment.)

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