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The Entire History of Cakewalk in 13 minutes

Starship Krupa

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I was late to the party compared to a lot of you guys - my first CW product ☺️


My circuitous route to Cakewalk By BandLab:

I started with Guitar Tracks 2 before quickly moving on to Guitar Tracks 3 Pro.

I ventured into MIDI with Music Creator 4, before upgrading to the wonderful Home Studio 4 and then Home Studio 6.

After so many of us were disappointed with Home Studio 7 (which CW used as a guinea pig implementing a very early and basic version of the Skylight interface), CW generously offered HS7 users a cheap upgrade to SONAR 8 Studio - which I gratefully accepted!

I soon moved up to SONAR 8 Producer (I loved 8.3) before upgrading via every X-Pro version up to and including the short-lived 'lifetime' SONAR Platinum.

Many thanks to BandLab for keeping our beloved DAW afloat (and let us not forget – so extensively backward-compatible) 👍

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13 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:


I own every version from Pro Audio through SPlat except SONAR 2. For some reason that SONAR 2 was registered to my son.

My DOS MIDI sequencer days were handled by Voyetra Sequence Plus Gold. 

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I started with Professional 6 with free upgrade to 7 when released. This was the version below Pro Audio.

IIRC I then went to Professional 8 and then upgraded too Pro Audio 9. 

I stayed with PA9 until Sonar 5. Been with it ever since. 

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I have my own Cakewalk history compilation. Unfortunately the crash log file is too large to upload to the forum.

OK ok. That was/ wasn't funny.

I started with Pro Audio 7 iirc? Or was it 9? I can't remember anymore.  Skipped a bunch of versions then jumped back in at S8PE.

But my favorite version to date is CbB. Not sure which version of it I started with but it is rock solid since Bandlab took over.

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5 hours ago, Shane_B. said:

....my favorite version to date is CbB. Not sure which version of it I started with but it is rock solid since Bandlab took over.

I'll guess that you waited one or two then. 👍

I jumped right in with the first BandLab release, which I guess was what would have been the last Gibson release, had they released it. It was kinda....I could see what the complaints were about regarding stability. Freezes, crashes, and most often, the playback engine stalling out not only under load, but in response to odd things like moving the playback loop markers or tracks or clips around.

Noel and the gang put a stop to those shenanigans pretty quickly, which I took as a positive sign for the future of the product.

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