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Moving from Windows to Apple

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@Craig Anderton you make me laugh!

Depending on your hard drive type, defragging may be advice from the past. Ssds don't really require defragging.

Older users tend to run virus scanners. If you don't need it, uninstall it. I have not bought third party scanners since around 2000.

Windows defender needs configuring to stay out of the way of your daw. You don't want windows scanning all the new wave files every time you hit stop or bounce a track.

Children have great success with lots of machines because their use-case is different. While gamers work cpus, they are not doing it concurrently with capturing gigs of real time data. If you have to wait a second for the next game world to load it doesn't really matter.

Honestly, mac, Linux, Windows... They all work fine if you buy the right thing and set it up properly.

Like so many today, i make my living as a computer expert. I'm good at what i do. That said, i don't build daws for a living. That is why i bought a studio cat pc from @Jim Roseberry. He does. I couldn't resist tweaking it after i got it. I've added to it over the years... 7 or 8 years maybe? I have no regrets. 

It makes me smile when i work that horse hard enough to hear all the fans blow. Did it last night exporting these videos...


I use Linux and widows. I can use the same hardware for both. I boot to Linux using a ssd usb drive. Mixbus has some cool features and work flows. Check out Ubuntu studio if you are interested. With wine and Carla, you can use most third party vsts [like melda].

Only mixing, computer requirements come way down. Put your buffer to the max and have fun with a 25 year old pc. 😁 

Recording large track counts live is a little different. No room for error. Honestly, i don't use cakewalk for that. If there is a problem, I don't want the recording to stop.

@Noel Borthwick maybe a keep recording no matter what button would be a nice thing to have. Capture what you can, mark missed audio... Let me fix it later [or cut it].

Keep in mind you only need one good working solution. Like only needing one spouse. Once you are paired up, you can forget hunting forever.

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