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Guitar Picks

Jesse Screed

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I don't use picks on the acoustic, never have, mostly claw plucking and if strumming I use nails. Once, when I was busking, some smart ar$e guy came up to me with his mates and said "hey, mate, have you ever tried using one of these?" he then handed me a guitar pick. I said "thanks mate, I'll give it a go". I then took the guitar pick and shoved it up my nose to pick out a boogie and then gave it back to him saying "yeh, that worked really well".

On electric I use a pick, usually a 0.60 or thereabouts.

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For me  the Dunlop Standard 1 mm  are 

the only picks , except playing bass guitar.

I've tried many other picks but imo it takes a lot of afford to manage other picks on different guitars.

I also like playing without any pick ,which  is very direct and gives a more powerful sound and feel.

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On 10/25/2022 at 7:46 PM, craigb said:

 I discovered these!

That said, these are nice too! 😁


         Yeah !  You are right . They sure taste nice !                                                       



Hello 911 what is your emergency ?

I was out sun bathing next to the community pool where I live and my neighbors dog came over , stuck his cold wet nose into the back end crack of my guitar pick bikini and proceeded  grab each and every one of the pics I was wearing and  stole them from me ...

911 dispatcher : Are you hurt ?

Of course I'm hurt . That dog did things to me nobody has ever done to me and he didn't even have the courtesy to bring me flowers or take me out to dinner and a movie ...

911 dispatcher : OMG ! I'm sending over a patrol car as fast as I can. Our patrol officers  should be there in a few moments .

Thank you I'll be out here next to the pool wearing a only a towel

911 dispatcher : Do you happen to know who owns the dog ?

Yes I do ...he calls himself Kenny .  He fancy's himself to be a really good guitar player  , but from what I can tell he mostly stays home and practices

911 dispatcher : Are you talking about the Kenny that calls himself KennyWTeleJazz ?

Yeah how did you know that's who I'm talking about ?

911 dispatcher : We have been trying to get that public nuisance  and throw the book at him for years . He has always eluded us by staying one step ahead of our surveillance.  ...would it be OK if I put you on hold for a moment? I need to talk  to my supervisor ?

Sure , just don't leave me on hold for too long ...

911 dispatcher : OK I have talked with my supervisor and  now that we have all the pertinent information to help you  . We will be  sending over a full tactical  SWAT Team to assist in riding  you of your problem neighbor.

Wow that sounds great . Can I ask you a question ?

911 dispatcher : Sure you can ask me anything you want .

gulp ......Is there any chance  when this whole ordeal is over ,gulp  eyes darting left ...eyes darting  right ...deep breath ....Can I keep the dog ?  😍   

911 dispatcher : Oh My !😊



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When I started playing electric (I was 12), there was a little shop owned by a very sweet old lady, in her house actually, where she sold wicker furniture and all sorts of decorations, but at the back of the store, there were a few guitars and an electric bass. I think her late husband previously operated a larger musical instruments section in the store, and she downsized but  kept a few things when he passed.

Since I couldn't afford a whole pack of strings (that poor, yeah), I bought individual strings from her, something the real music store didn't offer.  Gibson they were. And the picks I got from her too. I'd leave the store with my tiny paper bag wih one string and 2 Gibson picks in it... Total rock star!



I hated them but they weren't any worse than the alternatives I could find, and at least they were black. Very plastic-y and very short-lived. More like a promo item than an actual pick. 



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On 10/31/2022 at 7:48 AM, Jesse Screed said:

Still might make a pick just for fun......

Back in the day :) we would take milk jugs and cut out a pick from it. Depending on where you cut; middle was thin; top was thick, and bottom was heavy.  Then we would chew on them for a few days. It would give them "texture".


Used imitation tortoise shell at first. Then found them blue flexible picks and used them until I found a .73mm Yellow Tortex. Used them for years. Then several years ago I switched to a John Petrucci pick.

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