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murat k.

Better Video Support

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On 6/27/2022 at 11:15 AM, murat k. said:

I say it's about the codecs not the system. Lets make an experiment. I see black screen on play/pause with the video below. 10 seconds of white screen. Save the video from right click context menu. And insert it to the Cakewalk then make play/pause with the video. If you don't see black screen on play/pause. It means yes, this issue is system dependent.


Not only @OutrageProductions, anyone can join this experiment and can also share their results.

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Whenever I post suggestions, or report any "bug", some always appear to throw sand in the fire, I don't know if they really want the DAW to evolve or if it stays still full of "Bugs", I think the second option is the most appropriate.

It's the same when we talk about improvements or new features to improve Workflow, conformists appear talking about leaving things as they are.

@murat k. As for improving video support, I agree with you and it really has nothing to do with the system that it goes black when we pause, but rather it's a problem with the DAW.

Below are the videos with the white video you made available, running on Cakewalk and Cubase 12 Pro.



Cubase 12 Pro.

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