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Hittin' the Big Time


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30 minutes ago, bitflipper said:

I think the main perk we're getting is we don't have to pay for parking.

They don't even give you a free Stein of Beer or a Joint?  What type of State Fair is this ;)

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4 hours ago, Tim Smith said:

Scones and grilled onions or a fair gig?

a State Fair gig

A hip hop group I wrote music for.  A similar time frame, Saturday at 1 pm under the outdoor pavillion.

The act after us was a Native American drum and dance group.  They invited us to stay and dance in a big circle with them.  The rest of my band rolled out.  I stayed and danced with them, and was the only one not wearing proper regalia.  It was quite an experience.

There were probably 1000 people watching, and coming and going, as my group played, but mostly the crowd was just happy to be under the shade of the pavilion. 

I had the sense that most of the locals were stupefied seeing a mixed hip hop group followed by Natives chanting and dancing.

I loved it.

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