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Last Night's Gig, continued...


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On 11/10/2021 at 10:07 AM, bitflipper said:

there's such a thing as transparent shower curtains


38 minutes ago, 57Gregy said:

I bought several of them and hung them around my gazebo. Keeps the rain and wind out and the heat in from my little propane heater.


Not sure why you'd want to shower outside though... 😮



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On 11/11/2021 at 11:46 PM, RobertWS said:


Am I the only one who got that?   I love morbid humor.

No you weren't the only one. 

And I must admit I laughed. But then quickly shut it down and moved on.

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On 11/10/2021 at 7:51 PM, Shane_B. said:

Here's my shower. I can set up a live cam some night if you'd like. 😁 I stripped this room down to the wall studs and did everything you see myself except for the shower doors and the ceiling texture. It took me two years to finish but I was in an accident before it was done so it took longer than it should have. The company wouldn't sell the glass to me, they had to install them. The guy said in 25 years of business he's never seen a wall so true. The opening where all the glass went in was less than 1/8 of an inch out of square. My reply to him was, it's all my fault. I made the mistake of giving my wife who is an obsessive compulsive engineer a laser level for Christmas. Worse thing I ever did. Never, ever give an engineer a laser level. OMG!



Really nice work. I was an engineer by education and trade, but I can't even draw a stickman with a ruler. I hire ALL construction work out.

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On 11/11/2021 at 6:37 PM, Sheens said:

can't believe not 1 word on the solo's during the bassplayer audition

We actually have a couple of bass solos. Well, not technically "solos" but bass + drum + everybody picks up a tambourine or shaker breaks.

All but one potential bassist candidate jumped right in and produced energetic, if musically-disjointed thunder.

The fellow that we ultimately chose did not do this. We had to explain the concept to him, as no one had ever asked him to be center stage before. Once we'd convinced him we were serious, he went home and worked up a great solo, a dynamic mini composition with a beginning, middle and end. How refreshing. The singer turned to me to gauge my response, but my head was back and my eyes were closed and I didn't notice her. Later, she said "all the pieces are in place now". I agreed.

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22 hours ago, bitflipper said:

We actually have a couple of bass solos.

Oh no! (Bass solos are against my religion. )

22 hours ago, bitflipper said:

All but one potential bassist candidate jumped right in and produced energetic, if musically-disjointed thunder.

Must have all been guitar players.

22 hours ago, bitflipper said:

The fellow that we ultimately chose did not do this.

Sounds like a 'real' bass player.

22 hours ago, bitflipper said:

How refreshing.

Let's check back in 6 months and hope you haven't created a monster. 

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On 11/5/2021 at 5:02 PM, Starise said:

I get it. Inside job during the day. No one around the house any more other than the grand children?

 I would probably do a similar thing. I did the Irish music in bars for awhile and the door is always open for me to return. No money to be made though.

Decent people many of whom are great players. I discovered it ain't really my scene. It was like an environment I could live in for a short time and do ok.

During COVID there were a few gigs in homes and I went to a few of them. The Irish call em' sessions. At one of those the person who owned the house was sure to tell us the session would end at promptly 7pm. It was about 10 after 7 so I reminded the guy what he had said.  He told me that if I didn't want to play I could go the f home.

There were a few nervous laughs. I decided I didn't really like playing with him any more. Crazy Irish. 

My path was planned not by me. Control over our destiny is really overrated. Apparently it didn't lead in the gig direction but I get along with and have played with plenty of those guys who I greatly admire. I mean , what would this world be like without the likes of Notes_Norten and weekend warriors like bitflipper?

As I have mentioned I am a church musician on a fairly regular basis. Yeah I know Notes, that one doesn't conjure scenes of joy for you :) And prolly one reason I'm like a square peg in a round hole here. I played the prelude last week on piano in front of maybe 200 people and streamed to many more via a stream. The church just did a major upgrade to their streaming system. Now I don't play to see how many people I can play in front of, but compared to a bar band. Well I'll just say God Himself was listening 🙂 That's about the only one that matters to me anyways. I actually prefer smaller groups. One thing I like about this church though is they play both classical music and some of the more modern stuff. It's a good mix there. Some seriously talented people on the teams,  and I like that I am not obligated every week since we have teams that rotate. I am also a tenor in the choir and I work the live stream at least once a month.

The really nice thing about it from a set up perspective is they have sound techs to set up and work the sound. Both FOH and a crew for cameras and a dedicated streaming board. The equipment never goes anywhere and I always go to the same place. I feel spoiled in that regard. At my age and the way i am wired I feel like it's probably the best all around thing I could do.

It sad that you didn't like Irish music.

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