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MIDI Input Not Recording or Showing in Track

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On 2/19/2022 at 3:49 PM, scook said:

The multi-timbral setting is in options


Except for testing, I have never used the multi-timbral setting.

I always used the First Synth Audio Output for DP but any of the audio options work with it. 

Instrument tracks only record MIDI data. They will display audio when the track is frozen.

When using a MIDI+audio track pair, and unlike an instrument track, it is possible to enable waveform preview or actually record audio on the audio tracks without recording MIDI data.

If the plug-in is making sound, there is MIDI data coming from somewhere and if the MIDI track record button is enabled, the MIDI data will be recorded. The exception being punch recording. When punch recording is enabled, MIDI will only be recorded as defined in the punch module but the waveform preview, if enabled, is always displayed.


I am so greatful for your response. You (and others on here) have taught me a lot more than I imagined and you don't make me feel like an idiot either.

In this instance, I feel like an idiot because my project template had punch enabled and that was the cause. I've been using this template for over a year now and it has stopped me from using midi the entire time. I'm not even sure why it's on because I don't like the way Cakewalk punches (I'm used to the Pro Tools method). 


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Hi all - I've been reading through this thread as I'm having the same issue.

When I play the drums through my virtual controller I can hear the audio, but when I arm my MIDI track for record, start recording then play the virtual controller the MIDI information is only being recorded in the audio tracks and not in the MIDI track as well. Does anyone know why this may be?

I believe I have the inputs and outputs of my MIDI and audio tracks set up correctly, in the attachments. Track 9is the MIDI track and tracks 1-8 are the 8 outputs of the VST instrument (track 1 = "1+2: Output 1 L/Output 1 R"; track 2 = "3+4: Output 2 L/Output 2 R"; and so on...).

Does anyone know why the MIDI track might not be recording the MIDI track? Something to do with "Enable MIDI output" being greyed out? I suspect the answer is obvious...

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.



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Good news! I know it's not a problem with the VST plugin... because now all VST instruments aren't recording their MIDI tracks.

I have only just found this out - I installed the Line of Legends drum VST last night as the last thing I did before logging off so didn't try the other instruments at that time.

Unfortunately it seems my Cakewalk is now quite unworkable, if that seems a bit dramatic. There must be a setting I've flicked somewhere as I had been recording the MIDI information from my plugin's various virtual controllers fine until now. Does anyone know what might be the case? When I arm both the MIDI and audio tracks associated with a VST plugin and then press record I hear the audio well but only the audio information in the associated tracks is being recorded, not the MIDI information in the MIDI track.

All help is appreciated!

Here are my punch recording settings too:




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2 hours ago, mikemakesmusic said:


I recorded a video showing the settings I'm using and the fact that MIDI isn't recording, although the audio is.

If I load a VST instrument as a 'simple instrument track' then I can hear the instrument when I play it but the meters in the track doesn't light up and it doesn't record.


What you are demonstrating with the audio+MIDI track pair is soft synth audio recording using the plug-in UI to drive the synth.

Many plug-ins provide a way to audition their sounds. In this case, SI-Electric Piano uses a keyboard in its UI. Note: this is not the same as the virtual controller/keyboard supplied by the DAW and used as the input to the instrument and MIDI tracks.

The keyboard in the plug-in UI communicates directly with the plug-in and not the DAW. There is no MIDI data coming from the plug-in. 

If the plug-in was generating MIDI data, it must be captured by the DAW on an instrument or MIDI track NOT pointing to the plug-in or it could result in MIDI feedback.


As noted above, using the plug-in UI is not the same as using the virtual controller/keyboard supplied by the DAW. Use the main menu Views > Virtual Controllers to display the virtual controller/keyboard view. The MIDI data generated by the controller/virtual keyboard may be recorded by the DAW although most opt for more efficient methods of data entry.

There are several ways to add MIDI data to a project without a hardware controller discussed at length here

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Are you triggering the SI Electric Piano with your mouse on the little VST keyboard? If so you will not Record Midi to the midi track... There will be no Midi Events at the input to the Midi Track, only Midi Events input to the VST... So there will be nothing for Cakewalk to Record... Audio will output from the VST to the Audio Track that will record...

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I'll level with you - and if you hadn't guessed from the exasperated tone of my messages - I have been scouring this message board for the answer and was hoping that @scook, the doyen of all things Cakewalk, would reply. I feel elated. The fact that you also replied @SirWillyDS12 is a huge bonus and the cherry on the icing on a very satisfactory cake. Thank you both.

Your input worked - the issues are now fixed.

As I am a bit thick; to put this in the simple terms that I understand, and to help any other people from the future who are as a slow as me and may also be reading this:

  • If you click on the pictures of the instruments (the UI / user interface that @scook describes, on the left in the attached image) then the MIDI data won't record in the MIDI track, only the audio in the audio track
  • If you tap the buttons on your computer keyboard - this is the virtual controller - then the MIDI will record in the MIDI track as well as the audio i nthe audio track (on the right in the attached image)

Even though either clicking the plugin UI or the virtual controller are both ways of creating the audio of the VST plugin, to record both the audio and the MIDI from the plugin in their respective tracks you need to use the virtual controller (i.e. the buttons on your computer keyboard). Only the audio will be recorded if you're clicking the plugin UI, not the MIDI. As @SirWillyDS12 mentioned.

In the picture attached to this post, the UI on the left supplied by the plugin won't record MIDI but pressing the keyboard keys/clicking the keyboard on the right will record the MIDI.

I had stopped using the keyboard and started clicking on the UI after I installed the plugin as I wanted to immediately hear what the plugin sounded like. I usually use my computer keyboard for tapping out a beat (as an expectant father the £90 I had previously set aside for a dedicated MIDI controller has now been reallocated...) but used the plugin UI as it was in front of me and I wanted to quickly record something purely to hear what the plugin sounded like. When it didn't work I assumed that I had changed a setting that something I shouldn't have.

Thank you both very much, I can now return to making terrible music.


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27 minutes ago, mikemakesmusic said:
  • If you click on the pictures of the instruments (the UI / user interface that @scook describes, on the left in the attached image) then the MIDI data won't record in the MIDI track, only the audio in the audio track [emphasis added]

As I understand it, if the Plug-in's UI doesn't output MIDI data, there is no MIDI data to record. 

Yesterday, I briefly tried a possible work around: I sent the audio from the plug-in to an audio track and tried using MTuner which can convert audio to MIDI in some circumstances and tried to figure out if I could record that on a MIDI track.  I gave up because its a lot easier for me to use a midi controller directly than a plug-in's UI.

I seem to recall a discussion of whether or not there are some plug-ins where mouse clicks on the UI produced midi data.  As best I recall, I had it happen with one plug-in but it was a fluke.  I think I also looked up a piano keyboard plug-in specifically designed to sent MIDI data. If I find that discussion, I will link it if its relevant. 

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