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pearlie ng

Metronome to be off by default at New Project

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Hi, I am new to Cakewalk and I wonder if anyone could help. I tried searching for solutions but have not found any. How do I disable the metronome by default when I add a new project? Every time when I start a new project to record, I always forget to switch it off and I wonder if there is a setting where I can have it always off by default. Thanks!

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Hi Pearlie and welcome to the Cakewalk forums.

I would suggest that you open a new project and turn off the Metronome.  Now save the template (I'm guessing you are using the Basic template to start) over writing the template file.  You will have to dig a little to find the Basic template in the Templates folder, nonetheless, click on the Basic template and save.  Cakewalk will ask you to confirm the overwrite, of course.  That should do it.

Kind regards,


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The metronome settings are stored in projects and project templates.

All per-project settings are available in preferences.

If you use a project template supplied by BandLab

  • open the template using File > Open
    • set Look In to Project Templates
    • select the template
  • turn off the metronome in preferences
  • Use File > Save As
    • give the template a new File Name
    • set Save as Type to Template
    • set Go To Folder to Template Files

Use the new template when ever creating new projects.

The DAW will use the new template automatically if it is set as the default template.

To set the default template

  • To specify the default project template
  • 1. Use the File > Start Screen command to open the Start Screen.
  • 2. Click New Project to see a list of available project templates.
  • 3. Point to a template and click the star icon.
  • or use the File > New dialog, select the template and click the Set as Default Template button,


If you already use a custom template, open the template, modify the metronome setting in preferences and save the template.


Avoid modifying templates supplied by BandLab, they may be overwritten by an update.

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Thank you so much @tecknot and @scook for pointing me to the right direction to do it via the template. Found where the templates are saved, created a new template not only with the metronome removed but added on all the stuff that I usually use.  Thanks again! Really appreciate it!


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