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John Vere

Loopback- A feature I didn't think I'd use.

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One of the features of my new Motu M4 is a Loopback feature. It seems to be a new trend with interfaces. I guess a common complaint was it being hard to copy audio directly from the internet. Probably copywrite law issues. 

I've been mucking about with screen capture with OBS and I would always have to use WASAPI shared to get OBS to record Cakewalks output. I noticed the Loopback channels as options in OBS and sure enough this works. So I can stay in ASIO mode for screen capture recording as well as using the interface to adjust the balance. 

And then today I found a second use which is what I think most people were after. A friend posted a song on Reverbnation but he is a paranoid so didn't allow downloads.  I wanted the song file so I could analyze it with things like span and Youlean.  Ha- just set an audio track in any DAW or wave editor to the Loopback channel and record in real time. 

Anyhow just thought I'd share as many people are always shopping for new interfaces and this just might be a feature worth having. 

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