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Very Bad News Today


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I have pneumonia again.  So it’s back on antibiotics  and this time I have to have a feeding tube put in. This means I may have to give up playing my guitar because the tube will be in the way. When I went through all that cancer treatments I was on the feeding tube and I was miserable. 
I ended up not playing for 6 1/2 years. Prognosis isn’t good because my left lung is in such bad shape. This is all depressing 

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Dammit Bill. Ruined my day. So sorry to hear this.

I hope it's only pneumonia and the cancer is gone.

Some off the wall advice from a retired medical jockey also battling cancer for over 20 years. In my case, just too mean rude and crude to die.

Antibiotics are like a sledge hammer. They screw up the balance of good bugs in the body. We are host to more foreign bacteria than we got cells and our overall health depends a lot on the invasion and everything working in balance. Got a good idea what antibiotics you are on if they are doing an empiric approach and you got to fight back to help the risk/benefit ratio tilt more toward the benefits. Proactive stuff since you are being nuked with some heavy chemicals. Most don't realize that a path back to baseline health after antibiotic therapy is in part a fight to overcome the damage imposed by the treatment.

Feeding tube (shudder...)...  If there are not restrictions to diet, you need to get some friendly bacteria back.  Kefir drink is tube friendly and if added a couple times a day will help toward normal. Also the living content of nutrition is ignored as they dump cans of Ensure down the tube. Dead processed mixtures can support life but not health. No "pranah" or life energy like the old heathens advised that comes only from a living source. Again, if no restrictions and you got one of them juicers, put it to good use and supplement the daily cans of dead muck with something fresh and alive.

Hang in there. We can't lose you around here.


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