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Just about a minuet


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Hi Wookiee,

I enjoyed it because  I know how sneaky and deceptive Classical Music is ...or can be ....

A tough genre to write in only because the bar is set very high .

Lets see if I have this right .

You crank up your furry little paws and work them to the bone with a thousand and one little details in Notion . Then you transfer it all over to Cakewalk by Bandlab and when all is said and done your fans want to hear more because Just about a Minuet is 01.11 long ...LOL way to go my friend ..

Yeah this is totally a nice musical path for you to explore . Deep , complex and well suited for a lot of the cool synths you have on tap in the wings .

I did find it impressive that you used only what came w Notion as far as instrument tones go .

I'm sure if you write in this style more often , I get the feeling  you will definitely come up with something that is totally your own thing musically  ..

all the best,



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