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iRig Asio Driver with Cakewalk

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Hi there,
I am using a iRig HD2 and Cakewalk (Bandlab). Initially I worked with Asio4all, but the connection dropped out frequently, even at high sample rates (same problem in the Amplitube console ) . I've then changed to the new "iRig Asio driver" and it works very well in the Amplitube console in Cubase or in Reaper (at sample rate 128), but I can't make it work in Cakewalk at all!? I only get the message "unable to open audio device".
Thereby, I've set the driver mode to "Asio", the devices to "irig device in/out", and aligned the driver settings accordingly. Of course, I've closed all other programs that access the ASIO driver. Whatever I set, the Asio status in "IK Multimedia irig Device COntrol center" is ""ASIO not active". Thus, I assume that cakewalk is not accessing the driver at all.
Any ideas?
Thank you!

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Same thing here.

Is it all OK for playback?  That works very fine for me. But as soom as I arm a track for recording or turn on input echo I get that same message.

Both on my laptop and my desktop.

The iRig ASIO works fine for me in say Amplitube. 

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