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  1. If you're reading this and considering purchasing an iRig Pro i/o, I think it's only fair to point out that whilst the iRig Pro i/o worked well with Cakewalk with low latency, the Focusrite Clarett 4i4 that I subsequently received worked better as there was no perceptible latency whatsoever.
  2. Thank you Noel. Build 84 worked immediately (after a pc reboot) and beautifully. Love the low latency I've already ordered the Focusrite Clarett 4i4 (and the return of the iRig Pro i/o), but for all other iRig Pro i/o owners, they'll be very happy.
  3. Hi Noel, I'm going to return the iRig Pro i/o as their ASIO driver doesn't seem to work with Cakewalk. Could you confirm that the Focusrite Clarett (solo / 2i2 / 4i4) ASIO drivers have no issues with Cakewalk ?
  4. Thank you Noel. Unfortunately there's still no sound. In addition, now the iRig Pro i/o signal light only shows a signal light for a few seconds after pressing Echo/Input monitoring. I've updated the iRig firmware and the iRig driver, rebooted the pc several times. The Cakewalk version running shows 2020.10 Build 075, 64 bit) Any suggestions and would you know whether you've tested the iRig Pro i/o at your end (it's quite a popular device I believe) .
  5. I'm using iRig Pro i/o and can't hear any sound through my headphones using ASIO on "playback and recordings" and Devices set to Input Drivers > iRig Device IN 1 & Output Drivers > iRig Device OUT 1. Echo/Input monitoring is ON. With ASIO selected, the iRig Pro light goes green when playing (so there is a signal) when using the left channel. When trying to record using the iRig ASIO driver, I get this error:- I do hear sound when setting "Playback and Recording" to WASAPI Shared (but latency is very poor). I also hear sound when setting "Playback and Recording" to WASAPI Exclusive (better latency, but very unstable - becomes very distorted every few minutes). How can I get the iRig Device drivers to work with Cakewalk (they work with Amplitube 4) ?
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