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  1. Strange, it works perfectly with my Stomp I/O. I do think I have the HD2 lying around, I will check it and come back to you.
  2. Yes 16 at mine too But.. .I was maybe too quick. When trying to record now I got the output from iRig in to the input of iRig when arming a track. So I got both line in and out to in... if it makes sense. When using ASIO4ALL it behaves the way I expect it (sent this to Morten as well). Could you have a look?
  3. Thank you Yes, I would like to test it, very much so
  4. Same thing here. Is it all OK for playback? That works very fine for me. But as soom as I arm a track for recording or turn on input echo I get that same message. Both on my laptop and my desktop. The iRig ASIO works fine for me in say Amplitube.
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