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Hidden Symmetry

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2 hours ago, Wookiee said:

Nice driving groove at @Hidden Symmetry, drums sound OK but I think I understand why you might want to use something else, what did you use?

Horns are a nice touch, mix sounds dense but it works well here.

Thanks Wookiee, I used either SD or AD for the sketch drum track. Yes, lots of tracks & dense, need to re-track & trim the fat. Yesterday I removed all the plugins remixed from scratch  trying out  demos in one session. For now it's going back to the archives as I get back to my current projects.

4 hours ago, Douglas Kirby said:

That's a cool track - I enjoyed the intensity of it. I thought the drum track sounded fine - I saw you mention that you want to get a real drummer on this.

I enjoyed the video as well - nice job.

Thanks Douglas, I'd like to replace it with an actual drummer. Problem then is everything needs to re-done from scratch. I'm more interested in working on current projects but it was a nice diversion. We'll see, time is always the factor...

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Yeah man, but I'm a fan so what else could I say!

14 hours ago, Hidden Symmetry said:

I may re-do it with a human drummer one day

Drums are working, but I can see why, tune definitely deserves it.
Cool vid!


just a reminder, only takes a moment to drop a like over at YouseTube...

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