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Going Back Home collab with Doug Kirby


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Story about a guy returning to his home after too many years in the cold world. It's been done before.
It's kind of old school country with that unashamedly sentimental vibe to it.

Fantastic vocal by Doug Kirby! Many thanks Doug.

I tried hard for a realistic fiddle sound and I mostly like the result. There are a LOT of articulation controls
in Bolder Sounds Fiddle but I only used 3 or 4 of them.

Thanks for listening

Bolder Sounds Fiddle V2
NI Strummed Acoustic
NI Picked Acoustic
Ilya Efimov  Modern Bass
AD drums

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3 hours ago, Jesse Screed said:

Two forum legends working together!
Give me Graham Parsons baby!
But then I keep hearing Mick too.
Good work on the bed Bjorn

and throw in a little Union Station

2 hours ago, freddy j said:

Well done lads!!!  Good performance and great sentiments

I must say I agree with you both!


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Yes, I am a legend in my own mind.  😁
Oohs and aahs is a good suggestion! I had a strings track for a while but it didn't work.

Thanks for your always positive comments.

mr t
Gonna have to check out Union Station.

Thanks. I appreciate the comment.

Lyrics and music by me, but Doug made it his own.

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Well, super collab! 

Ideas for the mix? I'd drop the violin that is playing underneath Doug's singing. Doug's voice is more than strong enough to capture the interest, and the violin noodle underneath is for me more distracting than enhancing. By all means keep the violin in the breaks! Just my .02 haystacks.

Keep it going, gents!



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Thanks Wookie. I appreciate the comment.

I was hoping someone would comment on the fiddle and what you said is just what I had expected. Yeah it seemed to me the fiddle was too busy  most of the time and being more distracting than contributing anything musical. I tamed it quite a bit but apparently not enough. Thanks.

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Hi Bjorn, very nice song, mix and vocal. It's really impressive (to me) that you get such an organic sound using virtual instruments. The fiddle sounds great. I had never heard of Bolder Sounds but I'll have to check them out. Great job!

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JohnB -

Thanks!  Americana feel - I like it.  I was going for an old style country song so maybe I succeeded. 



Thanks!  Feeling is mutual.  It's great to be able to collaborate regardless of the distances, time zones and quarantines.

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