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Staff View Right-Click Context Menu Options - [SOLVED!]

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Moved from another thread where my reply was 100% off topic:

9 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

. . . I just called up Staff View and right clicked in the middle of the staff. I get a context menu with 4 sections. The first has Layout, Regenerate Tablature, and Export to ASCII. The second has commands for MIDI plug-ins and quantizing, the third has the fancy processes like Deglitch and Transpose, the fourth has the Fit to commands.

What's the secret to getting features ungrayed out?  I tried right-clicking with each of the buttons in the Tools module selected, including with each (and both all and none) of the options in the "Smart" tool selected. Also, I tried audio tracks, midi tracks, and instrument tracks.  Thanks.


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52 minutes ago, scook said:

Not using the staff view for data entry, after a quick test it appears that with an active selection CTRL+Right Click opens the menu with those options available.

Thanks!!  I was granted access to these features by first using the Select Tool to make a selection and then CTRL + Right Clicking on the staff outside the selected area.  


This "secret method" might help with other issues that have been raised, such as moving, transposing, arpeggiating, etc. groups of notes. So, thanks also to @Starship Krupa for pointing out the all the features in the Staff View's Content Menu.

image.png.fd54d8cbd37d5c6ec27b5ddacaa58883.png  image.png.0cd519f2d496ede1e798552205b7078e.png  image.png.d61fd1c8c27555a97cb33614785660d3.png



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to add an addendum that refers to other issues this "secret method" might solve
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