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Steve Katsikas

Project reliably crashing, please assist in diagnosing issue

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11 hours ago, Noel Borthwick said:

I'm happy that this issue is fixed since it could have been the cause of many unknown random crashes in the field over the years - the problem has been latent at least since 2006 :) Fortunately his project was reliably able to reproduce this and allow us to fix it. 

Thanks for working with us to repro the issue.

I'm curious just how many Cakewalk users would be surprised to load some of their worst buggy projects from the past with this hotfix and find them running flawlessly!!!

Thanks Steve for not just getting frustrated and jumping ship, but actually sending the project to Noel!!

Thanks Noel for terminating this stealthy bug!! I hope lots of people notice a difference with a new solid as a rock Cakewalk by BandLab!

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On 2/11/2020 at 10:36 PM, Noel Borthwick said:

@Steve Katsikas its the strangest thing. I tried for 30 mins today to reproduce this issue and it is no longer happening. I went back to 2020.01 and even SONAR and the project plays fine at 48K and I even the your markers while playing extensively. Both myself and a colleague were able to reproduce it earlier but the issue seems to have gone away. 

Can you please retest this after updating windows since its not impossible that there was some external update that fixed itself. If you can still reproduce it please see if you can get a sequence of steps that makes it more likely to happen. 

@Bob4u I think your issue may be something else based on the crash. Please ensure that your VC redists are up to date by downloading and updating the latest 64 bit VC redist from microsoft.

Hi Noel !  The last CAKEWALK version available today  seem to solve the stability problem! 

At the moment I wasn't able to crash it !

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