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  1. Issue has been 100% resolved thanks to the dedication of Noel and CW! The issue was pretty complicated apparently, but had to do with midi buffer overflows as Noel explains above. As a lifelong CW user, I could not be happier with the support I received. Steve
  2. @Noel Borthwick any additional thoughts or possible work-arounds?
  3. Noel, do you think this may be solvable for my project by setting the midi resolution (ticks per quarter note) in the project clock settings? (I am away from the project, but thought if there is midi buffer overflow issues, maybe constraining the resolution could help)?
  4. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help here!
  5. I've attached the file with just the midi tracks, which still crashes. I don't think the issue involves the TTS, which is only being used to manage the click. Running at 48khz sample rate. The midi tracks simply trigger videos in a separate program, but this crashes even when Cakewalk is the only open app. Really appreciate you all checking it out. It works ok, but try advancing around to various markers while stopping and starting. That's what causes the crash here. I have had the same issues on 2 computers using 2 different interfaces. 2020 show tem[late for debugging.cwp
  6. No luck here. Crash happens on different computer, with different sound interfaces. If I mute the midi, no crash. No plug ins running, so softsynths. Regardless of midi output choice, it will crash. ONLY crashes when stopped and then press "play". Windows 10 is fully updated. If I delete all audio, so the project is just midi, crashes. If I archive midi, no crash. So, it is something about the midi tracks. I'm out of troublshooting ideas.
  7. Matthew, really appreciate the advice and your diagnosis of the dmp file. I will turn my attention to updating all my drivers and maybe trying the USB version of the behringer audio driver rather than firewire. Steve
  8. Here's the dmp file if this is helpful to you wise folks. 2020 Show Template 16c_01202020_224958.dmp
  9. I have a LONG project (2.5 hours), designed to be a few backing tracks (mostly sound fx), a click to a tempo map, and a few midi tracks for a theater show. The midi out tracks are connected to MidiLoop, which connects to a video program I am using to trigger video clips. I have removed ALL audio plug-ins (including those in the prochannel). This is not a challenging project for the very spec'd out computer to manage. The project crashes consistently when moving around the timeline and playing certain sections, but works just fine if I play from the beginning and don't stop it. When playing a few certain places in the timeline, the program halts, makes a motorboat-type sound, then just goes away. The crashes seem to halt when I remove the 4 midi tracks. So, in thinking that it is midi-related, I've messed with the buffers and midi settings in preferences, but that hasn't helped. I could post the dump file (though I don't know how to read one). Anyone ever have something like this occur? Steve
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