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  1. To calibrate sound of monitors and headphones, does anyone have found a free Parametric equalizer VST with: - separate Left and Right controls - possibly with more than 4 P-bands ? At the moment Prochannels EQ are actually stereo, but with 4 equal bands in common for L and R channels and mono display.
  2. Hi Noel ! The last CAKEWALK version available today seem to solve the stability problem! At the moment I wasn't able to crash it !
  3. 2020-02-02 INTRO Test Crash 12b_02052020_185925.dmp Hi Noel, here's the dump file for your analisys. Thank you very much in advance !
  4. I have the IDENTICAL problem, but with much less MIDI and more audio tracks, and short project (5-6min). If I move the cursor in the timeline too fast and press PLAY, Cakewalk crashes, it happens so frequently that I have fear everytime to stop and play again. It I start playing from the beginning, no problems. After the crash, Cakewalk remains in the Windows Processes, so it's not possible to reload it immediately, and if I try to terminate it, Windows takes 5-6 minutes to stop it ! ==> Frequent crashes, 5-6 minutes to wait to reload CW or need to reboot everything. Terrible. Windows 10 pro updated. Cakewalk updated, it seems last update increased the problem. CPU and HD load is very low, memory usage is about 30%, so they are not likely the cause. My System: Windows 10 PRO CPU INTEL i7-4790K @ 4GHz RAM 16GB 800MHz MOBO ASUS Z-97A FW: 2801 HD (Windows and Apps) SSD NVME (80% free) 2500 MB/s HD (Data) SSD SATA (60% free) 500 MB/s MOTU 828 (ASIO only) SCOPE PCI CORE AUDIO CARD w SCOPE 15 CPU expansion BEHRINGER BCF2000 MIDI controller
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