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Found 3 results

  1. On my 'old' computer, which runs Win 10 Home, but has RAM limitations, I have some old .Fxc files (FX Presets) that I use for supplemental FX for guitar audio. They still work on that old computer. See one of the FX in the screenshot. I think these FX files have been around for at least 10 years and date back to at least SONAR. Regardless, I rely on them quite a bit, so I want to use these FX on my new computer, which also has Win 10 Home and the latest version of Cakewalk. However, even though I have the VST Settings on the new computer pointing to where the .Fxc files are located, and even though Cakewalk lets me add them to a track via Insert FX Chain Preset, not only can the FX not be heard, but the guitar cannot. and the fader shows no dB activity. Meanwhile, when I select bypass the FX on the track, I can still hear the original audio AND see dB activity. NOTE: I have tried to add the FX to a new track and even a project file I created today to test this. No luck. I don't see what program 'owns' the FX files. I presume they are Cakewalk FX, but maybe they are Guitar Rig 4 files, since once upon a time that came with older versions of Cakewalk. I even used Cakewalk Command Center to install Cakewalk Platinum on my new computer, but the .Fxc FX still don't work. So, I am trying to understand if I need to reinstall the FX. If so, where? How? Is there some crucial folder I didn't copy over from my old compute that has needed data or files? Any suggestions?
  2. It would be convenient to have tracks also contain an FX Rack in the post fader area OR be able to assign individual plugins to post fader (I prefer the former, though).
  3. On a per-track basis, bypassing FX should be retained when a project is saved and reopened. (Global bypass per the Mix Module FX button is intended to temporarily bypass only Audio type tracks and can't be saved.) However, Track View Audio FX Rack indicators (A) remain lit even though the Rack is bypassed and dimmed. EDITED: for clarity
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