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  1. 1) I noticed for the 1st time that Clip Lock, which I never use, is directly above Clip Mute, which I do use a lot, But 2) I just intentionally tried locking a clip and, surprise surprise, I see a huge lock on the clip...But I've never seen a lock on any clip I've created or used. So 3) I'm thinking what's going on is truly a TLZ thing, but, 4) ironically, maybe I'll start locking clips so I don't accidentally move them. Meanwhile, 5) I've found that sometimes I have to copy the clip and paste it into another or brand new project, then bounce it to MIDI, then convert it to a step sequencer clip, then copy and paste it back into the original project file. 6) Other times I've closed out of the file, shut my computer down, then re-opened the project and voila, Slide becomes an option for me. SMH.
  2. The following has happened to me on and off over the years, but too often: Sometimes Cakewalk will not let me choose Slide to move a MIDI clip or a group of MIDI clips. Slide is grayed out. The only option available is Nudge. Is there a fix? Meanwhile, I'm using the latest version:
  3. I have the latest update from November, but even that didn't help an issue that came out of nowhere: When I click the keyboard icon in a track, I no longer have an option to choose which patch I want to use. Did I accidentally disable something? Has anyone else had this happen and know how to resolve it?
  4. When I select Markers and Melodyne to display in a new project file, they appear. But they will not display in an existing file. I wonder if I have accidentally hit a setting to prevent them from displaying in the existing file. Any help is appreciated. BTW: I have the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  5. I'm suddenly having issues with my sound card appearing, then disappearing. I'm wondering if a Windows Update is the reason why. Meanwhile, I've had the sound card at least a year. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, I've also tried many different USB ports and no success. Anybody else having issues with the AudioBox?
  6. Hmm... I appreciate the input. I will have to think more about what has been suggested and see if I can try that approach for now. Unfortunately, presuming what has been suggested works, it's too many steps. The whole point of my request is for Cakewalk programmers to make the workflow simpler by allowing the composer/arranger to get something done in less steps.
  7. Often I want to see if a part is enhanced by adding a note an octave lower or higher than an existing one AND having the the same start time. Depending on the note's location and length, this involves many steps. But what if Cakewalk let a user right click on a note and choose a Duplicate Note and choose how it's transposed? What if that function allowed a user to choose a default setting. e.g., Octave Up? What if Cakewalk offered multiple default options? Octave Up, Octave Down, Make a major chord with this note as the root, Transpose 1/3, Transpose Down a 1/3, etc.
  8. Please give users an an option to hover over an existing note to show its pitch, start time and duration. That way, if a user wants to determine whether to modify it or duplicate its duration or start time, the user knows what is needed for a new or additional note.
  9. So Cakewalk has the Staff View, the Piano Roll View and Step Sequencer View...beacause a user wants to work on just that aspect of a composition. Yay. Now how about allowing a user to solo just what's in that tab...via right clicking on the tab and selecting....Solo this Tab!
  10. How would this show onscreen? A track currently named by Cakewalk as Staff - Choir would default instead to 43 - Staff - Choir. A small change can make a big difference. Why is this helpful? What if you are a user who is doing some editing in staff view or piano roll view for a track that has multiple take lanes, which means the master row of the track is not visible? - It means you don't know the track number you are in. Now what if you want to copy some notes from the staff view or piano roll row view and paste them back into the same staff view and you don't know the track number? - You have to interrupt your thought process to look for the track number. Not cool. Not efficient.
  11. There are sharp and flat pitches which a composer often wants, but the Staff View does not allow a user to free hand draw these pitches. Why not? Instead, a user has to draw the natural (note), then right click on it to change the note to a sharp or flat. That's an extra step every time. Shouldn't Cakewalk allow the drawing of sharps and flats by simply dragging the cursor up or down? Am I missing a setting?
  12. Don't we deserve a DAW that understands what is in an open project and to respond accordingly? One way to do that is to let a user split a clip in the 'master row' when it reflects only one clip at a point in the composition, even when there are multiple take lines. This means a user doesn't have to open take lanes and scroll down to see how many clips are active in that point of the composition. Furthermore, to assist the user, how about color-coding the master row clip to put any section in a different color to designate when there is more than one clip at any point in the composition? That way, a user will know when a clip split action in the master row is not possible.
  13. @Terry Kelley Say I have a 50-track project and I have hit solo on 6 tracks. I want one button that shows me just those tracks one after the other. Therefore, the other 44 tracks are hidden. This allows me to see them together to work on them. Otherwise, those tracks might be scattered. I shouldn't have to re-order tracks manually to do this. Technology is supposed to increase workflow efficiency. Meanwhile, the composer never knows ahead of time which tracks he/she might want to review or re-work. With an automated solution like I suggest, the technology can meet a composer's need at the present moment vs. having to be tied to the current track order.
  14. Cakewalk has been around for decades and I'm still not seeing an option in the Track Manager to just show tracks that have Solo on them. Also, allow a user to Sort tracks to show only those that have been Solo'd Please make these happen or show me what I'm missing.
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