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  1. So, it's awesome that we users are given a forum to offer suggestions. But: How many people suggest the same thing and don't even know it? Wouldn't it be great to not re-submit someone else's idea because we'd see that person already did that? Wouldn't it be great if we could have a way to second someone else's suggestion to build more support for it...and we could see that in one location? Wouldn't it be more fulfilling for the ones offering a suggestion to see whether the idea is being pursued and a penciled-in timeframe when the feature might be released? Most importantly, it would be great to have a resource that says, 'Actually, dude, that feature is already IN the DAW and here is where to find it.'
  2. SOLVED. Inadvertent user error. Thank you to Klaus for identifying the real reason I had this issue.
  3. So say my project is at measure 40, and that measure and what is after it appears onscreen in the track view. Meanwhile, off screen is measure 30, due to how zoomed in I am. Now say I click a marker that is at measure 30. The Now time does show 30, but the onscreen view of the Track View does not refresh to go to measure 30. I don't know if this is truly an issue with this release or it has always been this way, but the bottom line is it would be nice if the GUI would move to the new location. Instead, what is happening is the app is correctly going to measure 30, but the user has to scroll over to measure 30 to see where the marker now resides. This essens the effectiveness of having the Markers feature. In other words, it is not intuitive nor user-friendly.
  4. Way back before Bandlab acquired Cakewalk, there was company-created hoopla about the Skylight interface that allowed users to customize what they saw where. However, one aspect of this customization remains a glaring omission: Allowing users to determine custom font sizes of certain tools w/o impacting the whole display. Currently, Cakewalk offers only a Big Time option, but doesn't do this for other frequently-used viewed items like Clip Properties to see a clip's start time. Nor does it do this for user-input values in pop-up menus like Transpose. What about giving us the option to temporarily hide part of an on-screen menu like Clip Properties by pushing up on it to show what is currently partially obscured? (the Console faders for the current track and the Master? So, how about offering true customization of font size for anything that can be seen onscreen?
  5. Unfortunately, what you point out does not always work for me when I try to paste a group. That's why I'm frustrated.
  6. Dang. I think I've not been clear. Let's say a clip where I want the now time to be starts at 3:01:240 , but I don't know the exact start time without clicking on the clip. And the project is stopped at measure 5:03. If I click at approximately 3:02, then the cursor stops there. It doesn't go to 3:01:240. If I click at 2:04, well, that's where the start time goes. So, I'd like a setting that allows me to just hover over a clip and have Cakewalk show its start time. That way, if I want, Cakewalk could let me left me left click to have the start time moved to the clip's start time. To me, that's intuitive workflow which I don't see offered yet. Meanwhile, keep in mind that there are times when I'm ultra zoomed in or zoomed out, due to what I'm working in AND not having the best eyesight. Therefore, being able to determine a place to click on that is close enough to the start time of a clip is not always possible. Also, I shouldn't have to be that accurate where I click if what I request is offered.
  7. Thank you, tecknot for trying to assist. I see now that I wasn't clear. Your example shows a set-up with 12 beats having 5 steps. I want to be able to insert a beat in between what already is showing without messing with the timing of what occurs before my insertion. So, using your example screenshot, let's say I have notes playing on steps 1, 3 and 4 of beat 1 and steps 2 and 4 of beat 2. But I want to move beat 2 to beat 3, so I have a selection of 5 blank steps to work with without losing what I'd already input for beat 2 that has been moved to beat 3. Essentially I am trying to lengthen a musical phrase and retain existing musical phrases all within the step sequencer.
  8. I think I understand what you're saying and that works, so, thank you. However, this points to another issue: Having to make one extra click to see this info. My ideal scenario would be to click on the 1st clip of a group and see the start time in the Clip Properties menu OR for the Select menu on the control bar to be 'popped' out, so I don't have to click on that menu to see the start time. Having to make an extra click every time I want to see the start time of a group adds up...to mouse fatigue and just slows me down. So, if Cakewalk can't or won't let me click on a group and show the group's start time in the Clip Properties menu, then how do I get the Control Bar modified to have the information in the Select menu be displayed by default, so I don't have to click it?
  9. Cakewalk has this annoying habit of moving a converted clip from its existing take lane to another take lane. In fact, it typically places the now-converted clip on top of another existing loop. Is there a setting to stop this from happening? If not, please stop this from occurring. Keep the clip I'm working with in its current take lane.
  10. So it's easy to insert a row, but what about a 'column' or a blank 'bar' or beat...at, say, beat/bar 4? This would then move what was in beat/bar 4 to beat/bar 5? - Unfortunately, I don't think this functionality exists, but I wanted to ask before I request it become a new feature.
  11. To me, it's all about getting the now time, the start play time and, start record time where I want it in the quickest way possible. However, we don't always set nor want to set a marker. In fact, we don't always know when we need a marker. So, how about if when a user hovers over a clip, a pop-up appears that lets a user choose to move the start time to that clip's start time? Or let the user right click on a clip and have an option to 'Make this the Now Time'.
  12. I acknowledge that I can create a template that has Session Drummer in it with the kit I want, so that's ready to go on a track. However, there are times when I'm working on a tune and realize I've got a new idea that uses some other instruments or audio effects in the existing project. So, instead of creating a new file, and having to add all that other stuff in, I just use the file (project) I'm in and save it with a new name. However, that doesn't mean the kit in the existing project is the one I am using or want. But by allowing me to have a default kit I'd previously chosen, I just need to click insert Session Drummer and I'm good to go. In fact, maybe Session Drummer could show my top three kits when it's opened, then I don't have to open a folder like Acoustic and choose the kit. Instead, I just click on one of my fav drum kits showing as options when Session Drummer opens.
  13. Some of the best features to me are the ones that save users time and therefore make their workflow easier. Ideally this is done by shortening how many clicks or numbers are typed in to accomplish something. For example, I'm off listening back to a tune and suddenly hear where I need to do a punch in. So I click stop (the space bar) right around where I want to punch in. It's real drag to have to type in the exact time or measure and beat where I want to punch in. So how about making the default record start time be whatever the now time is? If a user doesn't want that, then no big deal, the user does what we've always done: Type in the start time we want. But if the user wants the now time to be the record start time, then the user is saved from having to enter in the record time.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean "track that has focus." When I'm copying a clip from a track, how does that track not have the focus? In other words, it should have the focus, so that's why, to me, the default track to paste to is the track I just copied a click from.
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