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  1. Since Cakewalk lets me copy and paste clips from one project to another, it just makes sense to be able to copy the FX that way as well.
  2. Cakewalk does not give a user the option to Duplicate the source track with the destination being a track in another open project. This means Calkewalk does not allow a user to paste the FX from the source track in project A to the track project B. This means a user has to manually add in all the FX in the destination track. Not cool and ineffecient. Need this feature to work at the speed of real time, not slow down time to kill creativity.
  3. I am selecting the clips I want to copy, clicking Copy Special, then selecting Paste Special AND telling Cakewalk where I want the clips to start. Most of the time this works, but it doesn't work often enough to where I think there's a bug to fix.
  4. The point here is that Cakewalk years ago was bragging about its Skylight display being so great, but...I don't want to have to make everything bigger just bc I just want a few things bigger. If I go to Windows settings and make everything bigger, then I creat a different issue where I don't get to see as many tracks that are open or do not get to see as many measures of data/notes, etc. Therefore, Cakewalk needs to allow the user to enlarge or shrink different 'menus' to meet the user's workflow preferences.
  5. What I meant to say is the clips DO paste in the correct track, but not at the measure or time that I told Calkewalk.
  6. Please explain how to get Calkewalk to paste multiple copied clips in one track into a new location within the same track...every time. I select clips from multiple take lanes in one track, click Copy, then Click Paste and tell Cakewalk where to start the Paste location, measure-wise. But Calkewalk rarely gets it right. It's like Calkewalk is a person who can't hold multiple things in his arms, only a few. Therefore, what too often happens is Calkewalk just drops them in a fairly random place that is not off by, say, a measure or a tick, but way off. I've even tried grouping the clips and still Cakewalk screws up the paste. Making this even worse is sometimes Calkewalk mutes all of the original clips, so those don't even play in their original location until they are unmuted.
  7. I've used Cakewalk so long that my eyes aren't what they once were. This means that small, onscreen text really slows my workflow. It sure would be nice if Calkewalk allowed me to make the font size larger for one or more fields in this view.
  8. For countless years, Cakewalk has had an issue that perplexes and frustrates me: When I want to convert a MID clip to a Step sequencer clip, I click on the clip 1x , right click to get a pop-up menu and...somtimes, but often enough to be too frequent, the Convert MIDI Clip(s) to Step Sequencer feature is sometimes grayed out. Respectfully: 1) Why is this happening? 2) Can this be fixed?
  9. For countless years, Cakewalk has had an issue that perplexes and frustrates me: When I want to move a step sequencer clip, I click on it 1x, click on the Process menu and...The Slide feature is often available,but not always. Instead, sometimes my only option is Nudge. Respectfully: 1) Why is this happening? 2) Why doesn't the app let ME decide whether I want to Slide vs. Nudge? 3) Can this be fixed?
  10. 1) I noticed for the 1st time that Clip Lock, which I never use, is directly above Clip Mute, which I do use a lot, But 2) I just intentionally tried locking a clip and, surprise surprise, I see a huge lock on the clip...But I've never seen a lock on any clip I've created or used. So 3) I'm thinking what's going on is truly a TLZ thing, but, 4) ironically, maybe I'll start locking clips so I don't accidentally move them. Meanwhile, 5) I've found that sometimes I have to copy the clip and paste it into another or brand new project, then bounce it to MIDI, then convert it to a step sequencer clip, then copy and paste it back into the original project file. 6) Other times I've closed out of the file, shut my computer down, then re-opened the project and voila, Slide becomes an option for me. SMH.
  11. The following has happened to me on and off over the years, but too often: Sometimes Cakewalk will not let me choose Slide to move a MIDI clip or a group of MIDI clips. Slide is grayed out. The only option available is Nudge. Is there a fix? Meanwhile, I'm using the latest version:
  12. I have the latest update from November, but even that didn't help an issue that came out of nowhere: When I click the keyboard icon in a track, I no longer have an option to choose which patch I want to use. Did I accidentally disable something? Has anyone else had this happen and know how to resolve it?
  13. When I select Markers and Melodyne to display in a new project file, they appear. But they will not display in an existing file. I wonder if I have accidentally hit a setting to prevent them from displaying in the existing file. Any help is appreciated. BTW: I have the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  14. I'm suddenly having issues with my sound card appearing, then disappearing. I'm wondering if a Windows Update is the reason why. Meanwhile, I've had the sound card at least a year. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, I've also tried many different USB ports and no success. Anybody else having issues with the AudioBox?
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