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  1. I want to do this even when a track's audio doesn't start at 0.00 (time). Why do I want to do this? I need to provide the clips to collaborators not using Cakewalk , so they can easily import and place them into their DAWs.
  2. Hmmm.. . What I am wanting to do is 'offset' the envelope in one track with many take lanes. I'm not seeing this option within the current Offset feature.
  3. Thank you for pointing to Offset mode, as that sounds like what I want. However, the feature is back from X2, Is it still an op;tion today? If so, despite the documentation you have shared, I'm not understanding how to access Offset Mode in the current version: CW by Bandlab, but I would love to learn how.
  4. After I create a mix and listen to it in other settings (e.g., the car), I notice that I want to increase or decrease the volume of a part. But doing that is not as simple as changing the overall volume of a track. This is because typically the part to change had varying recorded volumes to begin with due to multiple takes, etc. So I use a volume envelope. Meanwhile, to make a change to a whole section with multiple envelope values is a pain. So it would be great for Cakewalk to offer a way to modify all envelope values by a user-defined dB value from a set start and end time.
  5. Audio dropout diagnosis feature: This sounds cool. What would make it even cooler is to have a menu pop-up to show me that error code and allow me to click on a button right then to make the change that is suggested.
  6. Before Cakewalk changed hands, there used to be a Webpage dedicated to what was in development. Is that still around and I'm just not aware of it? Or is it truly gone, but needs to be resurrected?
  7. It's awesome that we get to post feature requests, but to presume that any of us, let alone most of us are spending a large chunk of time here on a regular basis is misguided. Therefore, give us a reason to come back on a regular basis...to vote on the month's top 10 or 20 compiled featured requests that the development team believes merit further consideration. And notify us by having a pop-up when Cakewalk is opened on, say, each day between the 5th and 10th of the month. And, for the person who already voted for the month, let him/here choose an 'I already voted this month' button, so the pop-up does not come back that month.
  8. 1) Show an icon that indicates whether a track actually has content in it 2) Allow a 1-click option to show all tracks or hide empty tracks 3) Allow me to designate their type (e.g., Bass, Guitar, Vocal, etc.) - Why? So I can then choose to have Cakewalk group them together and show or hide only those
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