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  1. @Light Grenade Thank you! I will look into Track folders. Meanwhile, what's frustrating to me is Track Manager should be live up to its name...and allow users to see all tracks AND organize them there, then, let's say, the user has finalized the folders and #s or locations, the user can just live in the Track View. I just like how the Track Manager can or should be a smaller footprint to just see high-level track info.
  2. @OutrageProductions Thank you for alerting me to the Arranger track. I knew it exists, but I've never used it. I attribute that in part to Cakewalk not properly explaining its function back it was introduced. I thought it was a way to move sections vs. designate what they are. But I will look into it. Maybe the Arranger track/function does both things in red?
  3. I think the requests below are pretty easy to do in comparison to, say, enhancements pertaining to audio or MIDI functionality. In my world, such 'enhancements' are well-named as Quick Hits. How about it? 1) Allow colors for marker names 2) Maybe even have the whole row of a marker vs. just the Name of the marker have a highlight color...but only when/if the user chooses that. Otherwise, at least allow the Name of the marker to be a color chosen by the user. Rationale: Let a a user see where certain sections start (Chorus, Verse, Solo). Meanwhile, I use markers not just for those low-hanging song sections, but also to remind myself what to work on, what to review or not forget about. e.g., Put solo here? Extend this part? Add background vocal This means I can have a lot markers in a project until I reach the final version. Until then, I need the Markers menu to be a more efficient assistant and note pad to guide me. I kinda think others do, too. 3) Please, let those of us users whose eyes aren't as great as they used to be, or as others, choose the font size of the Marker menu...separate from the font size(s) of any other menu.
  4. Why is there a Track Manager if it does not include some key, no-brainer features? a) Allow a user to quickly modify track order. Ideally by click on a track and dragging it like can be done in the Track View OR by simply changing the track # and automatically moving down the track that was at the track # selected - Yes, I'm aware I can click and drag a track up or down in the track view, but that's not efficient, especially when the project flow is a lot of tracks. b) How about letting a user click on multiple tracks and desiginate them as a group, let the user choose the track # for the 1st one selected, and then putting the remaining tracks selected in the track locations below the 1st track selected? Therefore, they are not just a group, but are physically located together.
  5. @murat k. I appreciate the feedback. I essentiallly do what you say. But I shouldn't have to. Every improvement should be to make the process simpler, quicker, and more intuitive. Cakewalk needs to fix this....and can. It's time.
  6. @sjoens Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, I have clicked on a clip to bring it into focus and sometimes Slide just isn't available. It happened again tonight. I had to use Nudge.
  7. Dear Calkewalk, Why is Slide not always available? Instead, sometimes my only option to simulataneously move some clips forward or backward is Nudge or Cut and Paste. Neither one makes my workflow efficient. It actually makes me want to scream. Note: This appears to occur sometimes when I'm using Step Sequencer clilps and it's possible they may have been slip edited. Regardless, that shouldn't be an excuse why you won't allow me to choose Slide to move any clip(s) forward or backward. Please educate me on how to help be more efficient and/or consider enhancing your functionality to never prevent users from selecting Slide. Your friend, Todd
  8. The Windows mangifier just isn't set up to work well within a DAW. Besides, if the functionality I'm requesting is within Cakewalk or is added to it, then custom setting(s) like this that each user chooses would make everyone's workflow so much more efficient. The # of times I need to check a pan or gain setting multipled by the # of extra clicks it takes to see what I need is just...not cool. Put another way, what you prpose means at least an extra 3 clicks every time I want to check a setting. So, by Cakewalk allowing a user to customize the size of the pan and gain settings, that would eliminate the need for extra clicks and workarounds. True, efficient, user-friendly workflows don't require workarounds, because once a user can customize one or more settings, the user no longer has to think about the issue...since there's no longer an issue.
  9. I would love to see a magnifying glass tool that is specific to Cakewalk, so I could choose a specific area to enlarge.
  10. @msmcleod I'm not understanding how your suggestion resolves my concern. All I see is that makes the waveform larger or smaller. That doesn't help me read the volume and pan settings so I can make small tweaks to them , in hopes of improving the mix.
  11. So, my eyes aren't as good as they were, but my compositions are more complex. That means I have more tracks in a project and more take lanes...which I want to see and need to tweak. Therefore, my monitor is larger AND at a higher resolution, which in turn reduces the size of everything. Meanwhile, years ago, Calkewak was so proud of itself to introduce a customizable GUI, the Skylight interface. However, please let me know if I'm missing how to select a setting to truly customize what I see. In particular, I would like the gain level setting and the pan setting on an individual clip to be much larger when I hover over a clip, like at least 3x the current default setting...without having everything else onscreen be affected. See bottom right of the screenshot for what Cakewalk shows today. Also, when I right click on an automation node and select properties, I'd love for that pop-up menu to display the values much larger.
  12. @msmcleod Thank you for the advisement. Presuming I will experience this issue again, I will look next time whether Select Track Envelopes with Clips is checked and/or if I have track automation. I suspect I do have track automation on, but I don't think Cakewalk should let that prevent a MIDI clip from being converted to a step sequencer clip. If so, then Cakewalk should let me select convert to step sequencer and give me a pop-up to say why the request cannot be executed AND direct me what I could do. Now THAT would be a helpful feature: Allow a user to become more efficient without having to post here. But until then, thankfully, at least this forum exists.
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