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Found 4 results

  1. I do not know if this is recent behavior or not, but this morning I noticed that 10 newly-inserted audio tracks in a project are having their Output set to the project's Guitar Lead bus, rather than to the expected setting to the Master bus. (This project has multiple buses - keyboards, strings, guitars, drums, etc.) I grabbed a screen shot to show one of the tracks this happened to, the Keyboard Stem, and I have the first few buses shown as well. I thought perhaps it picked the Guitar Lead bus because it was the 1st bus I had added to the project, but it turns out that the Guitar Lead bus is the 2nd bus I had added to the project, so I have no guess as to what might trigger the unexpected Output setting. (The 1st bus I had inserted into the project was the Guitar bus, not the Guitar Lead bus.) I easily corrected the Output settings, for the 10 tracks I had inserted. I am just pointing out the behavior, so folks can correct the settings, if needed on their projects. Bob Bone
  2. Hey all! Boy, it's been a while. Here's the scoop and a HUGE THANK YOU in advance. I have done tests with Sonar/Soundforge/Vegas ... my soundcard's native drivers, ASIO drivers, Realtec drivers (PC's own system), WDM drivers and here's what I have after 14-15 minutes of audio. The audio that's recorded via the PC (on any software) LAGS behind the audio that's from say, a Youtube video (downloaded as MP3) or my 2 camera sources (whose audio is ALWAYS in sync - Samsung phone and Sony FX1000). They call it AUDIO DRIFT and it's a mystery. Here's what I've done to assess/fix: 1. Optimized AND Defragged SSD (I know, you're not supposed to defrag, but once was worth a shot) that SONAR/SOUNDFORGE/Vegas runs on - my Operating System Drive: C-Drive. 2. Cleaned out ALL unnecessary Windows bloatware and settings (as per PC optimization guides that have been around for years) 3. Tried JUST USING AUDIO software recording with no video-audio to sync with - same problem, so video is not the issue. Strictly audio recording over time. 4. Defragged 'landing' drives for the audio wav files (2 Terabyte HDD - fairly new) 5. Disabled Realtec/onboard sound in the BIOS 6. Removed ANY additional USER ACCOUNTS 7. Analysed system for ANY odd changes/software upgrades that could have been behind issues - and checked: no viruses/malware etc. NO JOY. I have narrowed down the problem to one of 3 things: 1. PC hardware (ram/cpu/mobo) is dying (system is 6-years old this coming December) 2. SSD (though reported as health with CrystalDisk) is dying 3. Windows Updates have altered something re Audio Syncing abilities. Any others I might have missed? So is there a fix for this that I can do RIGHT IN SONAR (I have Platinum Edition) that will 'shorten' the recording length by a specific amount of bytes to match other audio sources of the same material (from camcorders/phone videos, etc.)? Seriously if ANYBODY who figures out (not necessarily solves) my issues will get a free copy of any/all recordings I've done (whoopee, huh?) and a link to a handy-dandy EQ-Cut/Boost/Dip Guidance Chart I designed that has had over 500,000 downloads from my Box.com site. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY GUIDANCE RE THE ABOVE. MUCH MUCH APPRECIATED! Looking forward to direction from someone. Martin Douglas www.youtube.com/flagrantregard
  3. Hi everybody, happy to join this incredible community! I ask for your help since I recorded some audio tracks at 120 bpm but now I'd like to turn them in 140 bpm . Is there a way? I tried to simply change the tempo but this doesn't work at all. Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I have 64 bit cakewalk installed 16gb ram i7 processor and I am getting tracks fading out and back in seemingly random places. If I rerun a track the dropout will occur in different place each time. It makes no difference whether I disable all the effects on the track. Any ideas anyone?
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