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  1. Looks good since I had it detailed, ya?
  2. Tragic loss. But, we all gotta go some time.
  3. If it's cracked, get a new one.
  4. Start a GoFundMe page to keep me out of your town/studio.
  5. I have an Odesssy EX-L with hideaway back seats and removable middle seats. I could be in any band that needs a bazz player. If they only appreciated the Am bazz note.
  6. Where's that confounded bridge?
  7. i'm a webmaster at beyondmydaw.com guffaw
  8. ehew, I thought I was gonna need a posting frizzy
  9. wot wot is all this about post count and why does it matter?
  10. I'll be anything Bayoubil wants me to be except late for dinner and a latin bass player 😔
  11. I buy strings libs like drums libs, gotta have them all because, well, just because.
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