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  1. Funny that. I love the Les Paul look but I simply do not like playing a Les Paul.
  2. Eggshellint change mate.
  3. Bapu

    Nembrini Weekend Sale

    The two amp sims are pretty Naiz.
  4. Pad a post count? Who in their right mind would do that?
  5. Not 100%. Still use CbB for specific tasks as well as Cubase, Mixbus 32C, Reaper et.al.
  6. Bapu

    BJZ presents Nattmara

    You spoke, we listened. Done.
  7. I locked down the bridge (I'm not a trem guy). I'm okay with the micro tuners and the headstock lockdown setup. I once had the 1st or second generation MIDI pickup on the guitar but eventually ditched it.
  8. I ordered a Fender Tele Neck, Fender Noiseless Pups, Fender Tuning Pegs and a Fender Mounting Plate. So it will be an almost Tele for under $600.
  9. It's not too bad, plays fairly nice. Construction seems pretty solid. Haven't recorded it yet. So I haven't decided if new pups and neck are a mandatory change. Wondering if a real Tele neck will fit and mounting holes align properly. The existing tuning pegs look a lot like my '85 Strat.
  10. Recovering VSPG User here too. That was my second sequencer. Which I first synced to my Tascam 80-8 (lost a track I did). Then later on synced to my ADAT controller and 3 blackface ADATs. Then I moved on to Cakewalk ITB. To this day I cannot remember the name of the first sequencer which was some one off company that went belly up two years later. Had a dongle.
  11. I said "Fudge It!" and used my $16 JamPointz to get it for $48.99USD. Case solved.
  12. I saw that too. I'm wondering what's the difference between T-Racks Leslie and Ampitube Leslie? I have the T-Racks Version. Will the Amplitube version get me more of what I don't have?
  13. Using @chuckebaby's shoe analogy. I have more than one pair of shoes. I have legit licenses for 7 of the 12 DAWs listed and 2 that are not (Digital Performer 10 and Mixbus 32C). I don't own #1, 3, 7, 9, or 12. And likely never will. Like shoes, some sit in the closet for long stretches while others are for used for certain tasks (collabs) and one or two are for daily use. But one is for sure the most comfortable for my current workflow.
  14. Bapu

    BJZ presents Nattmara

    BJZ is: Ken "Zargg" Nilsen - vocals, guitars James "Jyemz" Griffiths - Guitars Ed "Bapu" Kocol - Bass, Piano & Strings Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Scroll down for the lyrics if you want organize "sing along" groups amongst yourselves. Nattmara (c) 2020 BJZ Verse 1: As a child I never really knew any fear The days were long and the night was a welcome My dreams were filled with laughter and cheer I grew older and the night was dark and frightsome Frightsome and then some Pre-Chorus 1: The pressure of growing up too fast My childhood fantasies couldn't last Chorus: Nattmara wears a tiara On top of her ebony hair She prances around in my nightly terrors In the morning I can feel she’s still there Verse 2: My life as man, I kept my love pure I did what I could to keep our life full My dreams are now filled with a dooming fear But something was hidden, making its pull Making it's pull Pre-Chorus 2: Tossing and turning all night long No longer in control, no longer strong Repeat Chorus Bridge Nattmara, why me? Nattmara, why them? Nattmara, why us? Nattmara, please never again. Solo Repeat Chorus Final Solo
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